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United Kingdom

Wed 16th Apr 2008

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Nevsky commented on New DS Castlevania Is Given A Name:

I'm really looking forward to this.

Admittedly, out of the two DS Castlevanias I've only played Dawn of Sorrow, but that is easily one of my favourites in the series and on the console. I think it would be folly for them to ditch the Metroidvania gameplay.

Now I need to crack on with Portrait of Ruin before this new one comes out!




Nevsky commented on Review: Mario Kart Wii:

Nice review.

I certainly agree that a person's reaction to the game hinges on how far they can overloook certain minor niggles and flaws. Sadly, I'm in the 'moderately frustrated' camp, and if pressed to give a score, it wouldn't be higher than 8/10.

I was similarly disappointed with the lack of references to the post-Double Dash Mario properties. The Rainbow Road music is the only real track-based allusion to any of the games you mentioned. The Mega Mushroom was a good idea, but I don't think it added too much.

Definitely agree that the main artwork was uninspired and over-exposed. We've been subjected to the Wii Wheel Mario and Luigi image since the game was formally announced. It wasn't a particularly compelling image to begin with. I found myself looking back at the Super Mario Kart, even Mario Kart 64 artwork with more than solely nostalgic malaise!

I've written a review for CC2K, which should be going up this week. Although, I've also uploaded it to my blog, if anyone's interested!