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United Kingdom

Tue 29th Mar 2011

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MadScientistMan commented on New Pokémon Gets Caught In Some Footage:

Well the French name, according to Serebii, is Nymphali and a Nymph is a minor goddess in Greek Mythology so it may be a new light type.

I'm more leaning towards thinking it to be a female only normal evolution of Eevee and there being a male one announced later on. Purely because the word Nymph refers to a female minor goddess and I really don't think there will be a new type.



MadScientistMan commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

£7.20 for a version with button controls and a touch screen mini map

£0.69 for a version fith bad touch screen controls and a small screen

I know what i'll choose ( buttons for the win )



MadScientistMan commented on Famitsu Leads with More Monster Hunter Tri G 3...:

My first impression of this news: Whoooo! Whooooo!
But then my mum said: "If you have that much energy you'll be taking the dog for a walk", I shut up after that! Hopefully this game has cross platform online multiplayer beetween the wii and 3ds versions