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HipsterDashie commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and Mario Ten...:

Unsurprising, really. Again, with zero advertising for Ultra Smash or Amiibo Festival, how does Nintendo expect consumers to be aware of either title? Splatoon was advertised everywhere, and even the most gaming-averse parents have heard of "that paintball game with the squids." In comparison, I visited both Smyth's (where I bought my copy of Amiibo Festival plus the other 6 AC amiibo figures) and Game, and whilst both stores had the figures on shelves, neither store were displaying the game itself on shelves, so even if you were just passing the Nintendo section, you wouldn't be aware of the game's existence. Smyth's had the game hidden behind the counter, and I couldn't see it in Game at all.

Epic fail, Nintendo.

My own opinion regarding Amiibo Festival is that it's fun with friends but the single player experience is bland when playing the board game. Gaming the Stalk Market seems to be the only (intensely, in my case) strategic element to the board game. The Desert Island Escape minigame is great, but not enough to redeem the whole package. Overall? Worth a buy only if you're the most hardcore Animal Crossing fan, otherwise it's clear this package is designed to sell as many amiibo as possible, and actual content is an afterthought. Which is a real shame, because the game is gorgeous to look at, and the music is as pleasing as ever.



HipsterDashie commented on Devil's Third Fails to Hit UK Top 40 in Poor W...:

I've not seen any promotion for this game from Nintendo, and even I didn't know that it was out now. So, how on earth do they expect the average consumer to know it's out?

There's a reason Splatoon sold well and that's because the average person had heard about this cool new game involving squids and ink. How had they heard about it? Because Nintendo actually advertised the game!!!



HipsterDashie commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (Europe):

Man, I've been so hyped about Beatbuddy since it was at EGX 2014, and it was meant to be released back in January. Thank goodness it's finally coning out! Now we just need a release date for Woah Dave!



HipsterDashie commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

Imagine if Man. U played Arsenal. Man. U wins 3-2. Then, the ref turns round and says "Sorry lads, Arsenal wins instead because they have more fans in the stadium."

That's how dumb the scoring system for the Splatfests are.

A salty Team Sleeping member.



HipsterDashie commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

Pricing seems rather on the high side to me. The cost in GBP converted from USD is roughly £18, however we're actually getting charged £26.68. That nets you:

> 3 new characters
> 2 new stages
> 9 new costumes

In comparison, paying £11 for the Mario Kart 8 DLC got you:

> 6 new characters
> 16 new stages
> 8 new karts

I don't mind paying for extra content but there seems to be such a disparity between the two games, I can't help but feel that Smash's pricing is way too excessive. I can almost buy a brand new copy of Splatoon for that price!



HipsterDashie commented on The Legend of Zelda New Nintendo 3DS Cover Pla...:

I don't have a New 3DS (I'm sticking with my Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS until I can afford the upgrade) but I've preordered both cover plates anyway because, no doubt, these will sell out and then become a scalperland (read: eBay) exclusive.

EDIT: glad I did because, lo and behold, they're gone, already! Hitting eBay in 3, 2, 1...



HipsterDashie commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

I've looked everywhere for Meta Knight and Dedede today - Game, Toys R Us, Tesco, Argos, Sainsburys, and online locations like Shopto and Zavvi. NONE of these stores had any stock, in fact most never received any Amiibo other than Sonic or Mega Man.

What the hell are Nintendo doing? They can hardly say these Amiibo are "out now" if most places didn't get any stock in the first place! I phoned Game at 3pm today and they said they had 5 Meta Knights left in the whole country...



HipsterDashie commented on Nintendo's Revival of Animal Crossing: New Lea...:

I received the game as a gift last April and I have been in love with it ever since. I've played the game on a near daily basis since, and even games like Pokémon Alpha Sapphire haven't displaced the cartridge from the slot on my 3DS. It's my most played 3DS game, and by far my favourite. Which is funny, because I was very sceptical of Animal Crossing before hand, and had no interest in playing.



HipsterDashie commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

As much as I adore ACNL (still playing the game daily, despite other games' attempts to pull me away!) I just can't envision myself playing a Wii U based version of the game. One of the biggest appeals to me of New Leaf is that it's portable, therefore I can play it whenever I want, wherever I want.



HipsterDashie commented on Please Sega, All We Want For Christmas Are The...:

That Mega Drive/Mega CD theme... Holy fishballs, I NEED that in my life! The Mega Drive was one of my favourite consoles of all time, and I still have my Mega Drive II/Mega CD II combo, set up and ready to play when I want! Man, so many memories of that boot screen and music, the Mega CD was my main CD player too!!!

I would give all of my money for a localised version to make it to Europe!



HipsterDashie commented on Motorola's New Smart Watch Features a Goldeney...:

I'm super tempted by the Moto 360 (been following the hype since it was unveiled officially at Google IO months ago) but the reports of dodgy battery life are putting me off a little... Will have to wait and see what the reviews say once the watch has been out in the wild for a reasonable amount of time, but you can bet that this will be my watch face of choice should I choose to take the plunge.



HipsterDashie commented on Yoshi's New Island Makes UK Chart Début in 12...:

Yeah, I just 100% completed world 1 last night, ready to start world 2 tonight. I'm enjoying it much, much more than Yoshi's Island DS, however the original still reigns superior. It's not hugely original and the music is a bit iffy here and there, but it offers a reasonable challenge and is a solid little platformer. Certainly I'd rate it at least a 6 or 7 out of 10.



HipsterDashie commented on Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat Meme Creators Suing Ove...:

A lot of people seem to be very quick to side against the creator of Nyan Cat, calling him a greedy, money-grabbing scumbag. IANAL, however, has anyone considered the following?

> Nyan Cat has been a registered property since 2011, so it has the same protections as any of WB's characters. I'm sure if anyone were to use WB's characters commercially without gaining permission from them, WB would be straight in there with a lawsuit.
> As a registered property, the owner of Nyan Cat has a legal obligation to protect his trademark. If he does not take appropriate steps to defend his trademark (i.e. requesting royalties/removal of the character from the game) then he loses his rights to the character, and then any company can use it for commercial purposes. I.e. he can't NOT sue.
> The creator is said to have approached WB and 5th Cell amicably to begin with, however both companies merely brushed them aside. Not a very professional way to deal with the situation imo. This also shows the creator hasn't just bombed straight into a lawsuit without prior discussion.
> Many other companies choose to licence Nyan Cat, so why not WB?
> This does not in any way affect "fair use" of the character, i.e. non profit/derivate/parody works. This is a situation where someone else's creation has been used commercially.

The creator has posted his account of current events here:

Personally, I feel as if a lot if misinformation is being spread, and as I am on speaking terms with the creator, I feel obliged to spread his side of the story. Don't forget, he is the little guy standing up against the big guy. Why are we shooting him down?

EDIT: "neither meme was trademarked until 2010, a year after the first Scribblenauts game emerged."

But Nyan Cat wasn't created until April 2011, irrc...



HipsterDashie commented on Nintendo And GAME Hosting Multiplayer Mayhem E...:

I will be working this promo event! I'll be in charge of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the Oracle Centre (Reading) tomorrow, so it would be awesome to see some of you come in and have a go at some quests and arena challenges (and show me how it's done since I am a bit of a noob when it comes to MonHun)!!

I'll also have my personal 3DS on me for Streetpass and Puzzle Pieces.



HipsterDashie commented on Brain Age: Concentration And Sonic & All-Stars...:


Ha ha true, but you know what I mean. I don't think I've found any single player Mario Kart to be enjoyable as Sonic ASR Transformed's World Tour mode, and I haven't even tried the Grand Prix and Multiplayer modes yet. I am having an incredibly tough time trying to S-Rank all the missions, at least they're all great fun!

Except Traffic Attack missions. Whoever created those needs to be burned alive.



HipsterDashie commented on Brain Age: Concentration And Sonic & All-Stars...:

I've been playing Sonic & ASR Transformed on my 360 since buying it a week or so ago, and I have to say I am completely and utterly addicted to it. It pretty much blows Mario Kart 7 out of the water in every single way.

If the 3DS version offers a comparable experience to the console versions, then I may be tempted to pick it up.



HipsterDashie commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo Focused on Fun, Not Competi...:

I like FPS games as much as the next guy (massive Halo fan) but I can't help but agree with Miyamoto here. The industry seems to be very heavily reliant on shooters lately, in fact I feel that's almost exclusively what my Xbox is used for. Which is why I play Wii so much, because it's nice to be able to play something a little more different and fun.