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Mon 13th October, 2008

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2D_Dreamer commented on Nintendo Download: 19 May 2009 (Japan):

Yes If I remember rightly there's a secret level which you can find on level 4 flying up through the top of the screen at a certain pont. Have not played it for ages though, prefer to play the turbografx version on VC. I've recently set up some of my older consoles to my TV including the Master System so I'll play the game and see if I can find the hidden level. Hope the game's released here, I would still buy it if it came on the EU VC regardless. Lots of sprite flicker on the game and some slowdown, but its still a great port. One of the first games I bought for the SMS. Hopefully Power Strike 1 & 2 will arrive on the VC as well at some point.



2D_Dreamer commented on Space Harrier:

I too still have this on cartridge so I don't need to download it as my Master System is wired up to the TV.

It's a repetitive but enjoyable arcade shooter and the 3D update is relatively smooth for an SMS game. It's quite tough and it's fun trying to beat your high score for a whiIe. I think three stars for the review is about right. I too want the TG-16 version on VC as I've never played that one.



2D_Dreamer commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

C'mon Nintendo/Sega. Where are all the Master System games? There's only five at the time of writing.

Please give us Outrun-3D (it's the best one on SMS) as it has a 2D mode you don't need the 3D glasses to play it. Also Shinobi, Psycho Fox, Power Strike 1 & 2, Choplifter, Zillion and many more that I want to see on VC.

If the SMS games don't sell well in America that should not stop the EU from getting more of them first. The console sold over a million in the UK alone (about the same as the NES) so lets have more SMS games on the EU VC please.



2D_Dreamer commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

I still have the SMS and MD versions on cartridge and the SMS version is easier and more enjoyable in my opinion having recently replayed them. In the SMS one, there's less enemy sprites in order to keep the speed up and I think it has better level design overall. Well worth 500 points even if you own the MD/Genesis version.



2D_Dreamer commented on Galaga '90:

Downloaded this a month ago and it's been my most played VC game in that period. I just keep coming back to it to try and improve my highscore. Very addictive stuff and well worth spending the wii points on.



2D_Dreamer commented on Hands On With SnakeByte's Wireless Retro Contr...:

I'm in the market for an additional classic controller. I like the fact that the d-pad on this controller is said to feel tighter than the official one and is more akin to the N64 d-pad. It looks like it fits a bit better in the hands as well. However, I'm a bit reticent about buying third party controllers for reasons of build quality/reliability so I'll probably end up buying another official one for two player VC battles. I've never been bothered about the wire either. Whichever I buy, the days of being the second player on Guilty Gear Core using the remote and nunchuck are coming to an end. Its worse than playing SF2:SCE with the MD 3-button pad!



2D_Dreamer commented on Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!:

@ Stuffgamer1: the only other nickname I could think of at the time of registering was SMS_Fanboy and I reckon I would have got a whole load of stick had I used that name!



2D_Dreamer commented on Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!:

Happy birthday VC-Reviews.

I've been reading this website for nearly a year now since I got my Wii and PC on broadband. This is my first ever post on the site, (partially due to picking this silly nickname - I'm stuck with it now). Thankyou to everyone who runs the site and all the contributors who review the games. It's helped me pick out some great VC games I previously knew little or nothing about. Keep up the good work!