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  • Competition Grab an Exclusive Year of Luigi E3 Coin in our Treasure Hunt

    Find-a me-a!

    We're going Luigi crazy on Nintendo Life today, marking the end of the Year of Luigi. Nintendo UK has kindly donated four special Year of Luigi coins (pictured below) that our UK readers can win. You may remember that Nintendo offered some Year of Luigi coins via Club Nintendo, however those that we have up for grabs are slightly...

  • Feature Looking Back on the Year of Luigi

    What a year...

    It's had a good run, but the Year of Luigi ends today, 18th March. It's been a year of highs and flutter jump-enabled slightly better highs, with green taking over the Nintendo universe and the unappreciated Bro getting the recognition he deserves. Cruel meme generators may accuse Luigi of overseeing a bad year for Nintendo as a...


  • News The Year of Luigi Officially Ends on 18th March

    Let's start a (doomed) petition for the decade of Luigi...

    Oh, Luigi. The dream had to end, and Shigeru Miyamoto has brought cold, cruel reality crashing through our screens by confirming that the Year of Luigi will finish on 18th March; we'd hoped the day would never come. Luigi, for so long the other brother, had a year in which he could shine...


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    Wii U eShop

    Review Dr. Luigi

    Just what the doctor ordered?

    Nintendo ends the Year of Luigi with Dr. Luigi, a puzzler that feels more like a green, L-shaped re-skin of the Dr. Mario series than a true sequel, due to its identical gameplay, much of the same music, and simplistic visuals. Fortunately, Luigi proves to be just as good a doctor as his more experienced brother, and...

  • News Luigi Nendoroid Figure Up for Preorder

    In this, the Eternity of Luigi

    That Luigi diorama offered on Club Nintendo is pretty sweet, but has having the coins or stars for it before preorders sold out been a pipe dream? Don't fret; other options exist. Cute options. A 10-cm (3.9-inch) PVC Luigi Nendoroid figure is currently up for preorder on J-Box. The Man in Green is posable and comes...

  • News Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Figurine Spooked Off Club Nintendo

    Unfortunately they're all gone

    During Nintendo's latest European and North American Direct broadcasts in December, the company revealed a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon figurine, making it available right away on Club Nintendo in Europe and as a pre-order in North America. Unfortunately, it appears that the collectable is now sold out on the North...



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    Review Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

    A never-ending dream

    If there was more justice in the world, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team — or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. as it's known in Europe — would enjoy the same level of hype and anticipation as some of its prestigious predecessors on the 3DS in 2013. And yet, rather like its snoozy subject matter, it drifts into view on a...


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    Wii U eShop

    Review New Super Luigi U

    New Super DLC for U

    So, what is New Super Luigi U? It's not straight-up DLC, nor is it sizable enough to justify a full price retail game, so Nintendo has opted for a best of both worlds approach; it's available as either pricey DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U or as an inexpensive standalone retail game to be released at a later date. What does it...



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    Review Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    This game must be possessed

    Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 to be "The Year of Luigi": a long overdue celebration of Mario's underdog brother. There are already a few Luigi-themed (or at least partially related) releases to come later in the year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese games giant had a few more projects tucked up its sleeve...