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  • Feature Wii U Launch Day, Live!

    It's a whole new game

    So here we are, North America, your Wii U day has arrived. It's a Super Sunday, and some of you will be lucky enough to have a midnight launch, while others will need to have a good night's sleep and wait for the stores to open. Either way, you're first up for Nintendo's brand new system, so we expect you to be rushing home,...

  • Feature What Excites Us About Wii U - NA Edition

    So close we can smell the packaging

    And so it's almost here, a new home console launch from Nintendo. We only have one of these every five years or more, and North America gets out of the gate first to soak up the new system and put it through its paces. It brings plenty of new features to the table, including its impressive GamePad, a new online...