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  • News Super Mario Kart Nearly Became F-Zero 2

    How different things could’ve been

    Mario Kart is easily one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, absolutely nailing the local multiplayer gameplay and providing an easily accessible experience for all to enjoy. It stands as a cornerstone of Nintendo’s portfolio and plays no small part in selling new hardware for the company; there’s a reason...




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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Super Mario Kart

    Classic karting on the small screen

    Many Mario Karts later it can be a little disorientating to go back to where it all began. Each cup has five races. Laps are short, but there are five of them. Item boxes are squares laid flat on the ground and put out of use after you've run over them. The CPU characters don't collect items at all, but have a...








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    Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Super Mario Kart

    Back to the good old days before the blue shell from hell

    Less than a year after the Super Nintendo was launched, our pals at Nintendo had the bright idea of taking the Super Mario World universe and squeezing it into a kart-racing game. It sounded like a crazy idea at the time, but they managed to pull it off with style and create an almost...