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  • News New RiME Patch Addresses A Multitude Of Sins On Switch

    But has it come too late?

    When we reviewed RiME a short time ago, we lamented the fact that the Switch port had so many issues. From the muddy visuals to the often appalling frame rate, the Nintendo port was a bit of a mess - something that was hard to swallow after the long wait for the game's release. A patch was promised which would fix many of...


  • News RiME Devs Explain The Difficulty Of Porting The Game To Switch

    "It's incredibly difficult to get these level segments small enough"

    As we touched on yesterday in our video above, RiME is a bit of a poor port on the Switch. The game's bewitching atmosphere and rewarding puzzles are swallowed up by some irksome performance problems, and in conclusion it's perhaps the worst way to experience the game - yet...

  • Video RiME Is An Example Of How Not To Port A Game To Switch

    It's not all that pretty, to be honest

    RiME's finally out on Switch, and the results are... disappointing. The game's bewitching atmosphere and rewarding puzzles are swallowed up by some irksome performance problems, and in conclusion it's perhaps the worst way to experience the game - yet it's also the most expensive, at the time of writing. Our...

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    Review RiME

    RiME or reason?

    After what feels like forever, RiME is finally touching down on Switch. The original game had already endured a tortuous development period prior to its launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC earlier in the year, but Nintendo fans have had to suffer an additional wait to get their hands on this promising adventure, which draws comparisons...



  • Hands On RiME Lights Up On Nintendo Switch

    Time to shine

    RiME is a secluded, visually stunning adventure arriving on Switch soon. If you managed to miss its original release a few months back on various systems, then that may end up becoming a blessing in disguise. Undocked the game lights up the screen, lending its art-style nicely to the Switch screen. Tequila Works may have...


  • News RiME Producer Explains Why The Switch Port Is Coming So Much Later

    Achievement system also being worked into the Nintendo version

    RiME is taking its sweet time getting to the Nintendo Switch, with the release date now locked down to November.  However, there are valid reasons for this delay, and producer Cody Bradley has taken the time to explain what's what with a lengthy but informative blog post...

  • News RiME Will Arrive on Nintendo Switch in November

    As promised the download price matches other systems

    It's been a while coming, but RiME now has final release dates and details for the Nintendo Switch - 14th November in North America and 17th November in Europe. As previously confirmed the eShop version will price match other systems at $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99, while the retail edition will...


  • News RiME Is Getting A Special Collector's Edition On Switch

    We just need a release date, now

    Amazon Spain has revealed that the Switch version of RiME will ship alongside a special collector's edition that comes with a raft of goodies. The package comes with an art book, music CD and map - as well as the game, of course - all contained in an oversized box. RiME doesn't have a release date at the moment,...







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