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    Review Power Rangers Super Megaforce

    Dull as dishwater

    Games that are tied in to TV shows are often little more than a quick cash-grab used to dupe unsuspecting parents into buying a sub-par game because their child will recognise the characters. No truer is this statement than when referring to Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Once you load up the game, you'd be forgiven for letting...


  • News Power Rangers Super Megaforce Is Morphin' Its Way To 3DS This Fall

    After the last game, the only way is up

    If you can't get enough of the Power Rangers then you'll be pleased to hear that Bandai Namco is producing another Mighty Morphin' adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, due for release later this year. Following on from Powers Rangers Megaforce, the imaginatively-titled Power Rangers Super Megaforce will see...


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    Review Power Rangers Megaforce

    No, no, Power Rangers

    Let's just say it up front so that nobody skimming the review will miss it: Power Rangers Megaforce is a terrible game. Not only that, it's actually broken in several respects. And we don't mean "broken" to mean "unfair" or "poorly designed." We mean "broken" to mean "it does not work." The concept of the game is promising...