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  • News Does This Controller Make Me Look Fat?

    Change 4 Life may have changed it's tune on the heavy effects of gaming for kids.

    You could stop playing any time you want, right? You could just put down the controller and walk away now…if you wanted to. YOU get plenty of exercise. Who are they to tell you that you’re fat and play too many video games? The past year or so has seen an increasingly heated exchange between the UK government and..


  • News Mr. Brown Partial To A Wii Bit Of Tennis

    In an interview with Eamonn "I Wish I Was Phillip Schofield" Holmes on BBC Radio Five Live, British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown has confessed that his family own a Wii.

    "The Wii is very popular," Brown said. "I have played a game of tennis, but I didn't succeed... It didn't leave me out of puff, but that was probably because I beaten pretty early on by my son and he's only..