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  • News Big Buck Bunny Joins Nintendo Video in Europe

    Lands next week

    Nintendo Video already plays host to 3D cartoons from Aardman Animation and more, but next week sees Big Buck Bunny join the ranks in Europe. The 10 minute short film will be split into three instalments, to be released one a week from 2nd May. The original film has racked up millions of views online over the past four years, so...

  • News Shaun the Sheep Reveals All in 'Raising the Baaaaa!'

    He's not too sheepish

    European 3DS owners have been lucky enough to enjoy weekly animated shorts of Shaun the Sheep in Nintendo Video for a number of weeks. From Aardman, the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, these episodes each give about 60 seconds of charming animation and humour. Each episode involves...

  • Nintendo Download 19th April 2012 (Europe)

    Colors!, Rush Rush, paid video and more

    Europe gets its first taste of paid-for 3D video this week, alongside an art application and a WiiWare racer. Here's what's under starter's orders for this week. 3DS Download Software: Colors! 3D (Collecting Smiles, 231 blocks, £5.40/€6) — An excellent addition to the 3DS suite of creative tools, find out...


  • News More 3D Music Videos On the Way to 3DS

    Starting today

    3DS owners in North America, observe: your console is about to get a lot more musical. Starting today, the Nintendo Video app will start to offer new 3D music videos, with Sabotage by Wale and So Good by B.o.B the first to land on this very day. After that you can expect videos from Skrillex, OK Go, Death Cab for Cutie and more, all...

  • News Kid Icarus 3D Anime Hits North America This Week

    Two-parter inbound

    Europe got a Shaun the Sheep 3D episode this week; North America gets a two-part 3D anime based on Kid Icarus: Uprising. We'll leave you to decide who got the better end of the deal. 3DS owners in North America can power up their Nintendo Video applications to find the first (and, depending on when you read this, second) part of...

  • News Shaun the Sheep Comes to Europe This Wednesday

    Only on 3DS

    Those long-awaited episodes of Shaun the Sheep make their way to 3DS in Europe this week, with the first episode available on Wednesday. The first of 15 episodes launches on 7th March, with a new episode due every week through SpotPass. They're all free and exclusive to 3DS through the Nintendo Video application. FIRST 3D SHAUN THE...



  • News Symphonic Concert is the Latest 3D Nintendo Video

    Quick, to the 3DS!

    Calm down, fans of three-dimensional footage of orchestras rehearsing: today is about to be your best day ever. Nintendo of Europe has just released a 3D video of the Berlin Philharmoniker via SpotPass, as the world famous orchestra rehearses a performance of Russian Dance from Stravinsky's Petrushka, of course. By now you've stopped reading this and are eagerly watching the 3D..

  • News Dreamworks Creating Exclusive 3D Video Content for 3DS

    Starting today

    Nintendo of America has just announced new partnerships with Dreamworks Animation, 3net and the Blue Man Group that will see all three bring new 3D video to the Nintendo Video application on 3DS. The first video from Dreamworks, featuring the characters from Monsters vs. Aliens, will go live today, followed by a second video featuring...


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