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  • News Nintendo and Capcom to Announce Upcoming Collaboration

    Something beyond Monster Hunter 4?

    Nintendo and Capcom announced at a recent event that they are planning to do something special in honour of their joint effort on Monster Hunter 4. Whether this collaboration is related to Monster Hunter 4 itself or something entirely new is not yet known. Further details on this mystery endeavour will be revealed...



  • News Iwata Says He Didn't Commit to Stepping Down Over Missed Profit Targets

    So we should stop saying he will

    Earlier this year we reported on translated comments from Satoru Iwata at a Corporate Management Policy Briefing, in which he made a personal commitment to Nintendo's target of 100 billion Yen of operating profit for this current financial year. It's a substantial target that was reiterated in Nintendo's end of year...

  • News Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles

    Too much of a good Mario?

    There’s no doubt Nintendo has been putting its world-famous plumber to work. Since New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 2009, there has been at least one new Mario platformer released each year. The pace has felt even faster recently, with the expected December arrival of Super Mario 3D World marking the third Mario platformer...

  • News Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regarding Conflict Mineral Policies

    A recurring theme for the company

    While Nintendo is, to most of us, simply a games company that gives us entertainment products, it's also a global corporation that's often put under pressure to guarantee standards in the treatment of manufacturing workers and to ensure appropriate sources for raw materials. Last year it fell foul not only of a...

  • Feature The Big Nintendo E3 Survey

    So, what did you think?

    It's now been just under a week since Nintendo's E3 Direct and subsequent information overloads, and we're preparing to move on and start playing games again — as opposed to watching those Mario Kart 8, Monolith Soft's X or Super Smash Bros. trailers on an endless repeat cycle. But E3 was fun — at least, we think it...

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    Review Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Return of the thieving raccoon

    It’s likely that before the archaic and newly-retired Mayor Tortimer sailed off into the sunset he turned to the fresh-faced Mayor-to-be beside him and whispered, “Remember, you’re only a Mayor, not a King, and this is a democracy, not a dictatorship.” And with that, he turned, winked, donned his Hawaiian shirt...


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    Wii U eShop / SNES

    Review Kirby's Dream Land 3

    Third time's the charming

    Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is the epitome of a lovable gaming experience. Carefree and popping with irresistible charm, this SNES platformer builds off the two previous Game Boy entries in the series and fulfills the potential they introduced. That doesn’t mean the core mechanics have suddenly become nuanced or up to par with...

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    Wii U eShop / SNES

    Review Kirby Super Star


    Kirby Super Star is a smorgasbord of creativity, as if the developers at HAL Laboratory had a game jam for two weeks straight and came out on the other side with a beautifully disheveled collection of Kirby’s best. Nine sub-games, ranging from one-button tests of reflex to multi-hour adventures, are stuffed onto the SNES with no...

  • Poll Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Reveals?

    Microsoft's new Xbox is next up

    We're just going to come out and do it, and gauge just how much you, the Nintendo Life community, have been following the rival console reveals of the PS4 and today's Xbox Next/Infinity/they-might-just-call-it-Xbox event. As a network that includes and, the latter of which is also...

  • News Nintendo Wins Appeals Court Ruling In Wii Patent Case

    Previous ITC ruling upheld

    The US Court of Appeals has upheld a previous ruling by the International Trade Commission finding that Nintendo did not infringe on patents held by Motiva by importing its Wii console. Motiva held two patents relating to a setup for measuring user movement for the purposes of health and fitness. Back in 2008, the...

  • News Nintendo Discounts More 3DS eShop Titles in North America

    Kirby, Dillon, Pushmo and more for a limited time

    Spring is apparently the time when a young eShop’s fancy turns to savings. The following Nintendo-published titles are currently on sale in the North American 3DS eShop until 9th May: 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure — $4.99 Dillon’s Rolling Western — $6.99 Pushmo — $4.99





  • Talking Point The Legend of Zelda: Remakes of the Past

    Majora's Mask 3D, anyone?

    The recent announcement of The Wind Waker HD for Wii U was met with a great deal of excitement not just here on Nintendo Life, but across social networks and other websites. It's a title that has a passionate, loyal following, and the prospect of an enhanced version prompted plenty of conversations about just what...

  • News Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans

    Iwata: "I would like to make this point absolutely clear"

    Following the announcement of the latest financial results for Nintendo, Satoru Iwata addressed a number of issues in a subsequent briefing, some of which we've already reported. Naturally, Wii U was a major part of the presentation, with data presented by the Nintendo President that showed...

  • News Nintendo's Financial Results Bring Operational Losses But Overall Profit

    Wii U sales to date pass three million

    Nintendo has today published its quarterly financial results, which cover the nine months up to the end of December. In terms of the baseline figures that concern shareholders the outcome is disappointing if not a disaster, while sales of hardware seem to be in reasonable shape. Wii U is reported to have...

  • News Emergency Maintenance Scheduled for Nintendo Online Services on 28th January

    Games and online stores affected

    It's emerged that Nintendo is planning wide-reaching "emergency maintenance" in both North America and Europe, which is likely to include other PAL territories. This maintenance is running simultaneously and in a few windows in both regions, with the greatest peak time impact being to the Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS...

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