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  • News NBA 2K18 Patch #4 Goes Live Soon, Fixes A Whole Buncha Stuff

    I wish I was a baller

    Our revised review for NBA 2K18 has recently gone live, but 2K Games isn't done patching its premier basketball title just yet. The company has just issued the patch notes for update number 4 - live now for PS4 and coming to Xbox One, Switch and PC "soon" - and there's a lot of reading involved. You can view the full patch...

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    Review NBA 2K18

    Hoop dreams

    Note: We originally posted our NBA 2K18 review last month but the game was essentially broken, with a number of serious game-affecting bugs. It was so severe that we were unable to give the game a score, because we considered it incomplete. While we really enjoyed the game when it worked properly, our advice at the time was clear:...