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  • News Monolith Soft Enjoying Its Closer Relationship With Nintendo

    Developers at the studio now working as a family

    Monolith Soft, the developer behind Xenoblade Chronicles, has built a new studio in Kyoto, Japan so it can be closer to Nintendo. It is now in the process of developing a Wii U game that was briefly teased during a recent Nintendo Direct. Speaking in an internal interview series, translated by

  • News Monolith Soft's 3DS Title Makes an Intriguing Appearance

    Courtesy of a job advert on Facebook

    Monolith Soft is, for JRPG fans at least, a name at the top of many Wii U hype lists. The impressive trailer for X, as it's codenamed, reminded many of the sheer scale and epic adventure in Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, but with greater resources to exploit on the system. This praise won't be news to eager...


  • News Xenoblade Chronicles Team Recruiting for 3DS Game

    Is that a Monolith in your pocket or..?

    Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft is recruiting for an unannounced 3DS project. The Japanese developer has several positions available, including motion designers, 3D CG designers and motion designers. The title doesn't have a name, but considering the jobs specifically mention monsters, maps and...



  • News Monolith Soft's New Project is Bound for Wii U

    Studio's job listing gets updated

    To date, Monolith Soft has had two titles published on Nintendo's current generation of home consoles and the job listing on the studio's website has revealed that its upcoming project is one being developed for the next generation. As translated by Andriasang, the listing appears to be a revised one dating back to June 2010 and positions that need filling include..

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