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  • News Level-5 Is Working On At Least One Nintendo Switch Game

    Yokai Watch? Layton? Ni no Kuni?

    With E3 right round the corner it's fair to speculate about what new titles we'll see at the show, and Level-5 has set chins wagging by confirming that it has at least one Switch game in development. The studio - best known for Ni no Kuni, Professor Layton and the Yo-kai Watch series -...




  • News ​Level-5 CEO on Producing Successful Cross-Media Projects

    Yo-Kai Watch wasn't just a fluke

    Level-5 is a company that has become increasingly more relevant and prolific over the years, as it's procedurally added more and more successful franchises to its portfolio. If you notice, most of the company's current projects exist in multiple forms, with cartoons, games, toys, and more all contributing to the...



  • News New Professor Layton Title to be Revealed on 27th July

    A real one, not that weird Layton 7 game...

    Level-5 is currently gearing up for its Vision 2016 event on 27th July, during which it'll show off new titles that are on the way. It'll be worth following closely, too, based on details shared by CEO Akihiro Hino in a preview stream. He confirmed that a new Inazuma Eleven game will be shown, which is...




  • News Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims Viz Media

    "We are certainly bigger than Pokémon in Japan"

    Viz Media - the firm which is handling the release of the Yo-Kai Watch comic and TV show in Europe and America - has confidently claimed that the series will be "the next Pokémon". Waell Oueslati, EMEA associate brand manager at Viz Media, is clearly bullish about the chances of the franchise in the...





  • News Yokai Watch Yo-Kai Pad Sells Out in a Blink in Japan

    You don't even know what it is, but now you want one

    So that Yokai Watch game, right? It's gargantuan in Japan and slowly working its way westward, even bringing its anime along with it. It's enough to make any '90s kid relapse into the Pokéjitters waiting for this franchise to arrive--just what is so amazing about it?! Well, it'll still be a...


  • News Yokai Watch Anime Spiriting Westward

    Level-5 also teasing an even "bigger" franchise for next year

    It's already pretty well known that the runaway hit franchise Yokai Watch has had plans to spread out of Japan and peacefully annex the West into its empire. But in case you were worried they were beginning to forget about us, Level-5 head Akiro Hino recently confirmed that the anime will...

  • News Level-5 Confirms Some Handsome 3DS eShop Festive Discounts

    Inazuma Eleven! All of the Guild01 and Guild02 games!

    With the next download update set to fall on Christmas Day, we can certainly hope for some exciting releases and discounts across the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores. The home console's Virtual Console already has a tweaked version of Duck Hunt on the way in North America, and Level-5 has now...


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    Review Fantasy Life

    It’s a wonderful Life

    Fantasy Life, Level-5 and Brownie Brown’s life sim and action RPG, is a game with a long and storied history. Originally announced in Japan for the Nintendo DS/DSi generation of consoles back in 2009, it spent three years in development, seeing a platform upgrade to the Nintendo 3DS, finally releasing in Japan-only on 27th...

  • Preview Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Part of Yours

    Gotta live 'em all!

    Originally released in Japan in late December 2012, Level-5 and Brownie Brown’s part life sim, part action RPG Fantasy Life was announced for the West at this past E3 and will see release in Europe on 26th September and on 24th October in North America for the Nintendo 3DS. Selling over 300,000 copies in its native Japan and...







  • News Level-5 Wants to Know Whether You Want Yo-kai Watch in the West

    Looking for some Likes

    Not so long ago we reported that Level-5 had filed a trademark in the U.S. for Yo-kai Watch, prompting speculation that the 3DS title is on its way to the West. The company seems to be gearing up to make that a reality, as it's now posted a message on its Facebook page to gauge interest: Between the strong sales of the game...


  • News Level-5 Trademarks Yo-kai Watch in the US

    Watch for monsters

    You know youkai? Those strange creatures of Japanese folklore that sometimes masquerade as "raccoons" or "turtles" in certain localized games? Level-5 might be giving these monsters more of their due outside of Japan, if recent trademarks are any indication. According to Siliconera, Level-5 has trademarked "Yo-Kai Watch" in the...

  • News Level 5 Is Hard At Work On A New Game That Will "Surprise" Us

    CEO hoping to move the gaming industry along

    Level 5 is a thoughtful company, and not only because it is the developer behind the brain-bending goodness of Professor Layton. The studio is careful and considered in its evaluation of the current gaming industry, and is interested in how ''technology advances'' and is always striving to defy...



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    Review Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

    A final puzzle to savour

    The arrival of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is an occasion both exciting and tinged with sadness. For dedicated fans of the franchise across DS and 3DS there's the promise of hundreds of puzzles and a generous dosage of gentlemanly charm, offset by the knowledge that — for now at least — this is the last...


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    Review Inazuma Eleven 3

    Hat-trick hero?

    The Inazuma Eleven football / soccer RPG franchise is a major success in Japan, so much so that spin-offs and new releases are — at a minimum — arriving on an annual basis. Localisation to Europe has been a slower burn, and unfortunately non-existent in North America, so the arrival of Inazuma Eleven 3, the third title in the...



  • Weirdness Level-5 Flies Straight With its Favourite Character Poll Wallpaper

    Well played

    A little while ago we shared the peculiar news that a load of online pranksters had voted for the Aero Porter plane as their 'favourite' Level-5 character. It was a poll to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, and pleas for the vote to be taken seriously were clearly ignored — we feel confident saying that these were pranksters,...

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    3DS eShop

    Review BUGS vs. TANKS!


    The Guild01 series brought 3DS owners three completely different, off-the-wall, and well-received games. The second iteration of this series, appropriately named Guild02, is already off to another fantastic start with the recent release of The Starship Damrey, a story-heavy science fiction adventure. Now, we’re lucky enough to experience...


  • News Level-5 Has No Plans To Bring Any Titles To New Systems Just Yet

    Currently observing "how technology advances"

    Level-5, the Japanese developer behind titles such as Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Inazuma Eleven, the Guild01 and 02 collections and a whole heap more, is celebrating its 15th anniversary later this year. The time has certainly flown by and in an interview with Famitsu - helpfully translated...

  • News Level-5 Registers Three New Trademarks

    Could they be Guild 03 related?

    Level-5's Guild 02 titles are already out in Japan and are on their way to the West. The Starship Damrey will be released first - 16th May in North America - and will be followed by Bugs vs. Tanks! and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. There's been no official news on any development of a Guild 03 series...



  • News Level 5: Fantasy Life Will Become A Series

    Not just a fantasy

    Cutesy 3DS title Fantasy Life has been selling like hot cakes over in Japan with so many copies sold in its first week that the game has reportedly sold out. It's unsurprising then to learn that, during a recent interview with Famitsu, Level 5 has earmarked Fantasy Life as a new franchise for the studio saying it will be made...

  • News 3DS RPG Fantasy Life Already Sold Out In Japan

    Hopes of a Western release boosted

    Level 5 has a few 3DS games out in Japan that are yet to be confirmed for Western release. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney has been out since the end of November and just before the New Year the ultra-cute Fantasy Life was made available in both physical and digital form. Fantasy Life is actually developed by...



  • News New Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Trailer Points the Finger

    More puzzling gameplay details solved

    Capcom and Level-5 have revealed more details about the gameplay in the latest trailer for upcoming crossover title Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The game will feature a combination of elements from both series, switching between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. Layton’s segments will see the player...

  • News Level-5 Discusses Guild 01 Localization Details And More

    Maybe some new titles on the way too?

    As you're no doubt already aware, Guild 01 is an interesting compilation of games spanning from four unique developers. Liberation Maiden has already graced our 3DS consoles, with Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud making their way to the west in the not-too-distant future. One title that hasn't been mentioned for...

  • News Yasumi Matsuno Steps Away From Level-5

    Taking a well deserved - but not permanent - break

    It has been announced that Yatsumi Matsuno has left Level-5, the developers behind the Professor Layton series. Matsuno tweeted to his followers that he was retiring from the company due to personal reasons which he didn't state. Matsuno had only joined Level-5 in June last year and had been...

  • News Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to Receive Director's Cut DLC

    There's no objection from us

    Siliconera has reported that Level-5 is planning to release a director's cut in downloadable content form for its upcoming puzzle adventure crossover, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The DLC, which will be available some time after the game releases in Japan on 29th November, features an unedited script of the...



  • News Witness Layton's 'Last Adventure' In New 3DS Trailer

    Yet another Level-5 trailer

    Today Level-5 has most definitely been leading the pack at Tokyo Game Show, showing off all its upcoming 3DS titles and wowing the crowds with gorgeous new trailers. Earlier today we reported the newly released trailers of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Fantasy Life, and now we bring you the brand new trailer for...

  • News Take a Look at Level-5's Fantasy Life TGS Trailer

    It's all kinds of cute

    Level-5 is keeping itself very busy at the moment, with the development of the upcoming Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, as well as possibly the cutest RPG you will ever come across, Fantasy Life. The new trailer from Tokyo Game Show shows off the customisation features, some of the 20 playable jobs (such as a fisherman,...

  • News Capcom and Level-5 Reveal Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney TGS Trailer

    Showing both styles of gameplay

    If you were ever concerned that one of the two franchises in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney would overshadow the other, then fear not, as this brand new trailer hot from Tokyo Game Show should put all your worries at bay. The trailer demonstrates not only the integration of the two art styles, but also the...

  • Talking Point The Future of Professor Layton

    A puzzle yet to be solved

    Thanks to its unique control interface and dual-screens, the DS generation has paved the way for some of the most diverse games ever committed to cartridge, perhaps none more so than the Professor Layton series. Ask a number of people ten years ago whether they would be interested in playing a game that tasks you with...

  • News New Professor Layton Title Confirmed for iOS and Android

    Taking investigations beyond Nintendo

    The Professor Layton series has become rather popular on Nintendo DS and 3DS, with the first of the latest handheld's entries arriving outside of Japan in late October. It's much-loved in Japan, especially, with manga, novels and a movie — Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva — all being released, the...


  • News Guild01 Could be Coming to North America

    Join up

    Have you been looking forward to Level-5's Guild01, the 3DS collection that gathers together four games from renowned developers? You might be in luck, as some trademarks have been uncovered that suggests it could be on the way to North America. Siliconera has been doing some digging around and discovered trademarks listed for Crimson...


  • News Level-5's Fantasy Life Living it up With Official Website

    What a life

    The official website for Level-5 / Brownie Brown RPG Fantasy Life has finally burst into existence. The website can be found here. It's all in Japanese, but if you pop over there you can at least see some new screens and artwork that show off the town and avatar system. Much of the information was also published in Japanese magazine...

  • News Time Travelers Live Action Advert is All Tears

    Why so serious?

    Level-5 has been very cryptic so far with information about its upcoming release of Time Travelers in Japan this week, and things aren't about to get any clearer with these two latest trailers. Even with only three days before its launch on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, and ten days until Time Travelers releases on PSP, Level-5 are...



  • News Level-5 Trademarks Professor Layton and Miracle Mask

    A puzzling reveal possible at E3

    It's no secret that Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle will eventually be released worldwide. It was a 3DS launch title in Japan, and although we always have to be patient, the puzzle-master with the wonderful hat always makes his way to the West. According to recent reports, that arrival may not be far away...

  • News Level-5 CEO Raises Possibility of Inazuma Eleven MMORPG

    Possible, but strange

    The Inazuma Eleven series is still relatively unknown outside of Japan. The first two DS titles have arrived in Europe, though only after a fair bit of waiting, while the third for the system, the series debut on 3DS and two Wii spin-offs are yet to arrive outside of Nintendo's homeland. We can safely assume, due to the volume...


  • News "Too Many Hurdles" to Ni No Kuni DS Translation

    Magic book blamed

    Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni No Kuni is getting an English release on PS3 in 2013, but its DS counterpart won't be leaving Japan. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino explained to Famitsu (via Andriasang) some of the difficulties preventing the portable adventure reaching the West. The DS game comes with a large Magic Master...


  • News Inazuma Eleven 2 Shoots for Europe in 2012

    A game of two halves

    Football RPG Inazuma Eleven must have done reasonably well for itself across Europe as Nintendo has announced the sequel is on the way in 2012. The tentatively titled Inazuma Eleven 2 is to be split into two games, currently subtitled Firestorm and Blizzard, as it was in Japan upon its initial release back in 2009. If you're not...

  • News Nintendo Europe Confirms Professor Layton for 3DS in 2012

    Mystery solved

    Nintendo of Europe has announced Professor Layton on 3DS will release across the continent in 2012. Known in Japan as Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle — currently called Professor Layton 5 in Europe — was released with 3DS in the Land of the Rising Sun. Layton and Luke arrive in the town of Montdol to investigate the...


  • News Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva DVD Out 8th November

    Worth investigating

    After a successful première at New York Comic Con, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva is set for a DVD release in just a few days. VIZ Media has announced the film will see release North America on 8th November, with a recommended retail price of $19.97 U.S. or $19.98 CAN, though you can buy it direct for $14.99. It'll be...


  • News New Fantasy Life Trailer is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

    Also contains giant dragon

    Level-5 and Brownie Brown collaboration Fantasy Life is shaping up to be pretty special, if the super-cute video below is anything to go by. Revealed this past weekend at Level-5's regular press event, the video shows off some of the game's anime-styled cut scenes as well as in-game footage of the fantasy world itself. As you'd expect from a collaboration between..

  • News Guild 01 Is a 3DS Compilation by Japan's Brightest Lights

    A dream team of talent

    Level-5 is extremely busy on 3DS these days: we know a little more about Fantasy Life but the company also just announced a new project called Guild 01, a collaboration between some of Japan's best designers. Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51, Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen director Yasumi Matsuno and Seaman creator...

  • News Get the Job You Always Wanted in Fantasy Life for 3DS

    No, not Nintendo Life reviewer

    Japanese developers Level-5 and Brownie Brown — creators of Professor Layton and Mother 3 respectively — are teaming to make Fantasy Life for 3DS, an RPG about keeping your job at the end of the world. Famitsu (via Siliconera) reports that the game will feature 20 jobs including chef, lumberjack, scholar, street...


  • News Point Your Finger at This Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Trailer

    All together now...

    Two of the DS's greatest heroes are combining in one 3DS adventure. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is real, and it looks like this. The first thing worth noting is the 3D polygon models of Layton and Phoenix are remarkably faithful to their original two-dimensional selves, with the familiar sight of Wright's brow dripping...

  • News There's Hope for Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Outside Japan

    Another mystery to investigate

    The thought of seeing two of gaming's greatest minds face-off in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, but when it was revealed that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 wouldn't come Westward some were worried that future mental mastery wouldn't make it out of Japan either. Now...

  • News Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call Gets EU Release Date

    DS owners rejoice

    There is some good news for Professor Layton fans in the EU with confirmation that the series prequel, Professor Layton and the Last Specter, now has a confirmed release date of 25th November in UK and Europe. It will launch with the alternate title Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call. The game will have been out in Japan for...


  • News Professor Layton's London Life Won't Make It to Europe

    Update: bonus game denied

    Update: Nintendo of Europe has now backtracked on its original statement and told us that London Life isn't coming to Europe. Original story follows: Nintendo of America's Professor Layton and the Last Specter press release yesterday caused some concern for European DS owners as it seemed to imply that the title's bonus...

  • News Professor Layton's Last Specter Out in October

    London Life mode revealed

    There's something inexplicably thrilling about getting a new game, but how about getting two new games in one? We bet you're giddy already. The next announcement might just tip you over the edge: Professor Layton and the Last Specter is coming to North America on 17th October and contains a bonus game. Layton's had bonus games before of course, but nothing on this scale..


  • News Level-5 May Consider Wii U Professor Layton Ports

    Staff members talk Wii U

    This week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu features a section where game developers and producers talk about Nintendo's next home console the Wii U, and among those that took part were Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino and Jiro Ishii, who's working on the upcoming 3DS title Time Travelers. As reported by...

  • News Nintendo Gets Around to Releasing Inazuma Eleven in UK

    About time

    In January, Nintendo did something unusual: it accidentally released a video game. A small number of copies of DS football RPG Inazuma Eleven from Level-5 deftly dodged the tackles of Nintendo's distribution system and scored a few goals with customers before Nintendo blew the half-time whistle and the error was corrected. Now the game of two halves is properly coming to the UK, with a..


  • News Yasumi Matsuno's Gaming Skills Have Reached Level-5

    Just the right kind of experience

    This week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu contains an interview with Yasumi Matsuno, a former staff member at Square Enix who now finds himself under the employment of Professor Layton studio Level-5. As translated by Andriasang, the video game designer with acclaimed titles such as Vagrant Story,...

  • News Professor Layton and the Last Specter Out This Fall on DS

    Professor still has puzzles to solve

    Level 5's multi-million selling Professor Layton series is still going on DS, with Nintendo set to publish the fourth chapter, Professor Layton and the Last Specter, later this year. Expect more puzzles, more mysteries, more animated cut scenes and shedloads more dodgy Cockney accents when the game launches on DS in Fall 2011.


  • News Nintendo: Inazuma Eleven Not Officially Launched in the UK

    Stock released "in error"

    Our British copy of Inazuma Eleven arrived recently, flying in the face of general wisdom that the game isn't yet available in the UK. Since then we've been in contact with Nintendo UK, who have been able to clarify the situation. Robert Saunders, Nintendo's head of communications, confirmed that the game has not officially launched in the UK, but that a small number of..

  • News Proof that Inazuma Eleven Really Is Out in the UK

    Update: Nintendo speaks!

    The Inazuma Eleven saga continues. Launched in Europe on January 28th, the game's been absent from the vast majority of retailers, causing many sites to speculate the game isn't available. In fact, a Nintendo customer service representative told N-Europe: Unfortunately, this game has been delayed slightly within the UK. We should have further information available about..


  • News Inazuma Eleven Looking to Score in Europe on Friday

    But where's the marketing?

    You'd think a football game from the creators of the Professor Layton games would be enough to pique the interest of games retailers, but judging from the complete lack of awareness and availability in the marketplace you'd be greatly mistaken. Inazuma Eleven for Nintendo DS launches across the UK and Europe this Friday,...

  • News Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle to get Daily New Puzzles

    Level-5 really is outdoing itself

    Fans of the Professor Layton series should by now be familiar with Level-5's commitment to providing post-release content in the form of new puzzles, and the upcoming 3DS instalment isn't about to break that habit. Previous games in the franchise have provided new puzzles which could be downloaded on a weekly basis,...


  • News Drool at this Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Trailer

    Such lovely animation

    You know when Level 5 is involved you're going to get some high quality animation, but this animated trailer for the upcoming Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright crossover for 3DS is possibly the studio's best work yet. Why? Because it features more top hats, finger-pointing and Objection!-shouting than anything we've ever...

  • News Level-5's Time Travelers to Materialise on the 3DS

    Shots accompany a company announcement

    Level-5 sure knows how to tease, doesn't it? First there was the rather cryptic announcement that a new game had started development. Then there was the webpage that contained a single piece of artwork that only raised more questions than it provided answers. When will we actually get some kind of solid details...

  • News Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton Team Up on 3DS

    Dream match never ends! And so on

    Get ready to pit your wits against two of the smartest characters ever to grace a Nintendo handheld: Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton are set to match up on 3DS. Officially called Professor VS Gyakuten Saiban, at the moment very little else is known, but it'll apparently be a combination of crime mystery and...


  • News Ni No Kuni Trailer Shows Stunning Animation Chops

    Dream collaboration looking fantastic

    Since we reported that Ni No Kuni is coming to North America we've kept an eagle eye on the team-up between legendary animators Studio Ghibli and Professor Layton powerhouse Level-5. Now Tokyo Game Show has given us a new animated trailer to gawp at, and gawp we must. There's no in-game footage shown, but there...


  • News Level 5 Draws Ni No Kuni to North America

    Inazuma Eleven on the way, too

    A combination of Professor Layton-developers Level-5 and Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli sounds like a winning mix, and Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madōshi (or "Second Land: The Jet-Black Mage") is certainly shaping up to be another strong addition to the DS's stable of RPGs. Level-5 President Akihiro Hino has some good news for Western gamers..

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