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  • News Level-5 Has No Plans To Launch The eShop Version Of Inazuma Eleven In The UK

    "Established" nature of the franchise to blame

    The recent release of Inazuma Eleven on the North American 3DS eShop got many UK gamers wondering if they'd also get to see an updated edition of the Nintendo DS classic on their machines. However, Level-5 has issued a statement explaining why this new version of the game will remain exclusive to the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Inazuma Eleven

    A Beautiful Game

    In Japan Inazuma Eleven is an institution — a multi-modal soccer sensation spanning several sequels and spin-offs, a wildly successful anime adaptation, and even a collectable card game; it's also enjoyed a number of releases in Europe. It's captured hearts from Kyoto to Cádiz, and now Level-5 is aiming to complete that...




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    Review Inazuma Eleven 3

    Hat-trick hero?

    The Inazuma Eleven football / soccer RPG franchise is a major success in Japan, so much so that spin-offs and new releases are — at a minimum — arriving on an annual basis. Localisation to Europe has been a slower burn, and unfortunately non-existent in North America, so the arrival of Inazuma Eleven 3, the third title in the...

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