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  • News GameStop Advert Offers A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL and Luigi Bundle

    It was inevitable

    Earlier in the week we shared the happy news — and some pretty images — of a limited edition The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL model coming to Europe, alongside the rather attractive Luigi 3DS XL that's been available in Japan for a number of months. A GameStop Black Friday ad in the US seems to reveal that the...

  • Hardware Here's What The Nintendo 2DS Looks Like With Its Clothes Off

    Nintendo's new console gets pulled apart in these exclusive shots

    Last week saw the release of the 2DS, the latest member of Nintendo's popular line of 3DS handhelds. Most of those who were lucky enough to pick up one of these systems will have been enjoying the new form factor and highly portable nature of the device, while others will have been...

  • News A Third Limited Edition Monster Hunter 4 3DS Model Emerges in Japan

    The West says hi, Capcom!

    Monster Hunter 4 has been a bit of a triumph since its release in Japan, surpassing three million sales already and in the process easily hitting Capcom's targets. It's been a positive for Nintendo, too, as it can cite the substantial success of a third-party exclusive on the 3DS. It's certainly been a strong partnership...

  • News Nintendo Announces Luigi and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Models

    New Zelda title to have reversible cover, too

    While we often bemoan the absence of some particularly snazzy 3DS hardware designs in the West, we today have some happy news to share. The previously Japan-only Luigi 3DS XL model is coming to Europe on 1st November, and a special The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL is also being...

  • News Nintendo Confirms Three New Wii U Hardware Bundles for Europe

    Mario and Luigi, Wii Party U and Just Dance offerings

    We've had plenty of speculation in recent times regarding Wii U bundles, as it's seemed inevitable that Nintendo will boost the value of its offerings with packed-in options to cater to various audiences. Nintendo of Europe has today stepped forward with its own offers, all set to arrive in...

  • Rumour Cherry And Mango Wii U Colours Outed By Toys R Us France

    Due in November and December respectively

    Toys R Us France has listed two new colours of the Wii U console: Cherry and Mango. The listings state that the Cherry console will launch on November 27th at €299.99 while the Mango hue is expected on December 4th fo €50 less. The price difference suggests that the Cherry bundle will include elements...

  • Guide How To Capture Video And Screenshots From Your 3DS

    Turn your handheld into a multimedia star

    As the next generation of home consoles looms over us, the topic of video sharing is becoming ever more important. Both the PS4 and Xbox One will offer the ability to record and upload your gaming performances so others can appraise them online, which will surely lead to an explosion of self-made clips on...

  • Parent Trap Nintendo 2DS Family Stress Test

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson takes a look at the 2DS

    With the 2DS fast approaching I've had some hands on time with the device. Rather than waxing lyrical over the perfectly crafted design (or indeed bemoaning the cheese-like profile) I wanted to put the console to the test in a real family setting. So I set-up another of my time-lapse battery...

  • News We Opened Up The Nintendo 2DS And Found A 1300mAh Battery Inside

    Same as the original 3DS model

    We've been spending a lot of quality time with Nintendo's new 2DS console, and one of the first questions people have about the machine is how the battery life shapes up when compared to the 3DS and 3DS XL. Family Gamer's Andy Robertson will be answering that question in more detail as part of his Parent Trap blog on...

  • Feature Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The Biggest Selling Handheld This Christmas

    Forget the jokes, we think Nintendo has a hit on its hands

    When Nintendo announced the 2DS a short time ago, the internet was almost united in its level of befuddlement. Why remove the one thing the original system was sold on: its ability to display 3D images without the need for special glasses? It seemed like a backwards step for Nintendo and...

  • News Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii

    Wii don't want to hear any more

    Update: Nintendo of Europe has provided a statement to Eurogamer regarding this news. Yes, NCL did update their website on 29th August with a small notice to state that Wii hardware production will stop in the near future. This specific message was referring to the Japanese market. No specific time frame has been...



  • Review Disney Infinity Figurines

    Beyond Infinity, into your home

    To fully grasp the concept behind Disney Infinity, it’s important to understand that the whole game uses a meta concept in which things in-game also must exist in real life. Without delving too deep into theories or abstractions, the simplest way to put it is by saying that everything is a toy. Whether it’s the...

  • News Nintendo Confirms Wii U "Price Reduction Initiative" in Europe from 4th October

    Limited edition LEGO City Undercover Premium Pack also confirmed

    Yesterday brought the news that Nintendo of America is applying a formal $50 price cut to the 32GB Wii U model, beginning on 20th September alongside the launch of a limited edition Wind Waker HD bundle. The price cut will apply to standard bundles, also, but while Nintendo of Europe...

  • News Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Screen

    An interesting innovation

    Earlier today Nintendo formally announced the 2DS, which is essentially a 3DS that doesn't show images in 3D. Interestingly, it does not feature the typical clamshell design we're all used to and it turns out that would have been pretty tough to accomplish, as the 2DS is in fact made up of just one screen — the...

  • News 3D Gaming is Very Much A Part of Nintendo's Future Plans

    "We don't want to walk away from that at all"

    If you haven't heard, Nintendo has announced the latest addition to its handheld family, the 2DS. Many people are wondering what this means for the 3D feature incorporated into the 3DS and 3DS XL and Nintendo has been quick to point out it is still very much a part of its future plans. In an interview...

  • News Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle For The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

    Download release comes early on 20th September

    Update: Nintendo UK has confirmed an equivalent bundle, though it is dated for 4th October, rather than the advance 20th September date in North America. A limited edition boxed version of the game will also be available which will include a Ganondorf figurine and a double-sided title sheet. The...

  • News Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D

    $129.99 price, launches in October

    Update: GAME has rather quickly revealed its UK pricing for the 3DS, detailed below. It has a price of £109.99 and includes a 4GB SD card, as well as a charger — the 3DS XL does not include a charger in Europe. Original article: Well, that was unexpected. Nintendo has just revealed the latest addition to...

  • News Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut in North America

    Begins on 20th September

    After months of speculation and increasing doubt, Nintendo has taken the plunge and confirmed an official price cut on the Wii U Deluxe 32GB model. This takes the form of a new "suggested retail price" of $299 in North America, a $50 cut announced today at the GameStop Managers Show in Las Vegas; the new price will begin...

  • Rumour The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Trailer Shows a Special Edition Wii U Design

    So pretty

    In recent weeks we've seen sketchy rumours of a Wii U bundle with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD become increasingly reliable. The Gamescom build of the game has also revealed a Hero Mode and a host of other details, so Nintendo is clearly gearing up the hype ahead of an October rel

  • Hardware Review Wireless Super Retro 64 Controller

    Out of control

    With digital download services on the rise and HD remakes becoming more of a regular occurrence, the retro gaming scene is bigger than ever. Restore points and improved visuals — not to mention the off-TV play function offered by the Wii U GamePad — have done a good job of making older titles more suited to our modern...

  • News More Evidence Emerges of a Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle

    32GB model with game to reportedly retail for $349.99

    In July we reported the rumour that a Wind Waker HD hardware bundle was on the way, but treated it with plenty of salt due to its lack of any real evidence. More compelling proof has now emerged to back up those claims, along with those of red and blue 3DS XL bundles for Pokémon X & Y,...

  • Hardware Review Hauppauge HD PVR2 Gaming Edition Plus

    It's pronounced 'hop-pog', by the way

    As we head further into this generation, sharing and social media is looking to be an increasingly large focus for Nintendo’s competitors, with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One featuring their own built-in DVRs. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s latest console lacks both the means and the oomph required for...

  • News Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss

    Don't hold your breath for a price cut

    Nintendo usually likes to sell its hardware at a profit, right from day one — something which sets the company apart from the likes of Sony and Microsoft, who have traditionally taken massive hits on hardware in the hope that software sales will make up the deficit. However, a Nintendo representative...


  • News Black 3DS XL Arrives in North America on 11th August

    Black like your former bank balance

    Last week we told you about some marketing for the black 3DS XL suggesting that the model would arrive in North America at the weekend. Well, it didn't hit stores as expected, but Nintendo has now confirmed that the new colour will be available in the region from 11th August. That's the same day that Mario...

  • Rumour Nintendo Planning a Wind Waker HD Hardware Bundle

    Pokémon X & Y 3DS XL bundles, too

    So, let's all get some salt to hand. Ready? According to a cheeky rumour-merchant that claims to have access to the inventory system at a "major system retailer" in the U.S., Nintendo is planning a Wii U hardware bundle with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, as well as red and blue 3DS XL bundles with...

  • News North America, It Looks Like You'll Have The Black 3DS XL Soon Enough

    New colour spotted in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team commercial

    Live in North America and dearly want to get your hands on an all-black 3DS XL? Well rest easy, because it looks like your wait could be over soon. The black 3DS XL appears in the commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which suggests that it could be coming state-side in the...

  • News Limited Edition Pokémon X & Y 3DS Models Revealed in Japan

    There's a nice new trailer, too

    We've known for a few days now about Pokémon X & Y limited edition 3DS XL models coming to Japan, with the initial details being restricted to the knowledge that they'd predictably feature newcomers Xerneas and Yveltal. Now we have images of the systems, and they both look like a treat. First up is the...


  • News You Can Now Use Your GameCube Pad On Your Wii U

    Isn't modern technology just wonderful?

    One of the hidden talents of the original Wii console was support for GameCube controllers, but sadly this functionality was removed from the Wii U — along with the ability to play GameCube discs. For those of you who simply can't let go of that beloved Wavebird, help is at hand. Mayflash — a company...



  • News Mutant Mudds Developer Muses on Wii U Design

    Hardware could have taken more cues from game elements

    Renegade Kid co-founder and game director Jools Watsham professes a love for Nintendo in his recent blog post, which is why he also says it hurts him to see the Wii U struggling to forge its identity in the public eye. Watsham says he understand why Nintendo would want to keep the Wii brand...

  • Hardware Review MaxPlay Wii U In-Car Adapter

    Take your gaming on the road

    A few eyebrows were raised when we reported on the existence of the MaxPlay adapter, a newfangled contraption which allows you to power your Wii U console from your car's standard 12V cigarette lighter socket. However, we can now report that this unique item is in fact the real deal, having tried it for ourselves. The...

  • News Meet The Wii U Karaoke System Which Costs $16,000

    Big in Japan

    With many retailers complaining that the Wii U costs too much, it's odd that we're reporting on a variant of the console which retails for an eye-watering $16,000, but such is the weird and wacky world of the video game industry. Produced by Japanese company Xing, the JoySound Festa is so large it has to be wheeled around on a trolley...

  • News Hyperkin: Nintendo Hasn't Contacted Us About the RetroN 5

    Flying under the legal radar

    In case you hadn't noticed, we're quite excited about Hyperkin's forthcoming RetroN 5 console. It plays practically every retro format under the sun, comes with a wireless pad and connects to HD televisions via HDMI — in short, it's shaping up to be the ultimate retro gamer's system. Interestingly, Hyperkin's...

  • News New Pokémon 3DS XL to be Available Through Lottery Next Month in Japan

    You lucky Japanese gamers

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pokémon Center outlets in Japan, news has emerged that a brand new Pokémon-themed 3DS XL will become available in the region next month. Similar to the Charizard 3DS XL (pictured), you'll need to enter into a lottery to be in with a chance to purchase the system. It's rumoured...

  • News Circle Pad Pro XL Available Through Nintendo's Online Store In North America

    Priced at $19.99, shipping this Friday

    Although it was previously thought that the Circle Pad Pro XL would not be making it Stateside, a listing for the peripheral has appeared on ShopNintendo, Nintendo of America's official online store. The add-on is available for pre-order a

  • News Limited Edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Appears In The UK

    It's yours for just £189.85

    Ahead of the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for this Wednesday 17th April, online UK retailer ShopTo.net has listed the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL bundle on its website. The bundle is available for pre-order at £189.85 (approx. €220 / $290), and has been given

  • Hardware Review 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL

    Two pads are better than one?

    When Nintendo announced the 3DS XL, many were disappointed that the system lacked that all-important second slider pad. This omission was made all the more puzzling by the fact that Nintendo had already released the Circle Pad Pro for the original 3DS console, an admission that perhaps a twin-pad arrangement would...

  • News Wiggy Design Mod Finally Makes The Sega Nomad Truly Portable

    Better screen, internal battery and improved sound - it's the Nomad X

    As you'll already know, we're massive fans of Wiggy Design's Rose Colored Gaming here at Nintendo Life. Wiggy's motto is "New ideas for old games", and his most recent upgrade certainly lives up to that. The Nomad X mod takes Sega's portable Genesis / Mega Drive console and...


  • News Club Nintendo Japan Rocking Five New 3DS LL Cradle Colours

    Let your 3DS LL sit in style

    There are some new additions in the Japanese Club Nintendo rewards catalogue in the form of five different coloured 3DS LL cradles. As you can see from the image below, club members can choose from a red, green, white, blue and yellow cradle. Any of these colourful cradles can be redeemed for 200 points from Club...

  • News Hyperkin Details RetroN 5 Super Console In Video Announcement

    Coming in July, plays 9 different game formats and upscales via HDMI

    We knew that Hyperkin would be officially revealing the RetroN 4 console at this year's Midwest Gaming Classic, but the company surprised everyone by lifting the lid on the RetroN 5 instead. It pretty much showcases all of the functions that were hinted at with the RetroN 4, and...

  • Hardware Review Oyen Digital MiniPro 1TB Hard Drive For Wii U

    Storage solution

    As we all know, Nintendo's intention with the Wii U when it comes to storage is to let the user decide. Rather than equip the console with a massive hard drive, it has instead enabled owners to plug in their own solutions. The thinking behind this move is that storage is so cheap these days, most people have at least a couple of...

  • Rumour Pikachu 3DS XL Already In US Stores, March 24th Release Mooted

    Update - Nintendo confirms release date and price

    Nintendo has now confirmed that the Pikachu 3DS XL will be released on March 24th in North America. In will include a 4GB SD card — as is standard for the XL model — and will have a suggested retail price of $199.99. Original article Nintendo's recent TV commercial for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:...

  • News Analogue Interactive Unveils The Super-Exclusive Black Label Neo Geo CMVS

    In any choice of wood you want

    We're big fans of Analogue Interactive's work, having already covered the Wooden Neo Geo CMVS and CMVS Slim. The company's craftmanship is simply second to none, and if you're in the market for a Neo Geo console and have plenty of cash to spare, we cannot recommend them enough. Just on the off-chance that one of the...

  • News Nintendo Announces Mint White 3DS XL For Japan

    Tomodachi Collection bundle coming, too

    During Nintendo's latest Japanese Nintendo Direct, the company announced a brand new minty fresh colour to its ever expanding 3DS colour collection — a Mint White 3DS LL (XL in the West). The new addition will release in Japan on the 18th April, and will retail for 18,900 Yen (approx. €150 / £131 /...

  • Ninterview Wiggy Design On Breathing Life Into Old Systems

    Console modification with the human touch

    Although it's always exciting to open up the latest and greatest consoles and get to grips with the incredible advances being made by hardware manufacturers, there's something about vintage systems which makes them appealing long after they fall out of fashion and become technologically obsolete. Your...

  • News Hyperkin's RetroN 4 To Support SNES, Genesis, NES and GBA Software

    Everything but the kitchen sink

    Hyperkin has been producing hardware clones for a few years now — clones which provide a decent alternative for those moments when your trusty SNES dies on you and you can't abide the feeling of buying a second-hand replacement. We've already covered the RetroN 3 and SupaBoy Portable on this site, and found them to...

  • News Does The JXD GamePad 2 Remind You Of Anything?

    Certainly rings a bell

    Last year we were graced with the Droid X360, a Chinese-made clone of the PS Vita which runs Google's Android operating system. This year, we've got another copycat device which shares more than a few similarities with the Wii U GamePad - it even has the same name. The JXD S7300 GamePad 2 has a 7-inch capacitive screen, a...


  • News Wii Mini Shifts 35,700 Units in Canada

    Who needs internet connectivity?

    It's been announced recently that the Wii Mini is on its way to European shores. Once a Canadian-exclusive, the stripped down system cannot play anything other than Wii games, has no slot for an SD card and is unable to connect to the internet. So how has the Wii Mini done in Canada? Since its release on 7th...

  • News Amazon UK Lists Wii Mini For £79.99

    ...after initially giving it a price of more than £100

    Nintendo has so far refused to stick a price on the Wii Mini — which is coming to the UK on March 22nd — which means it's up to retailers to come up with a figure. Amazon UK initially went with the rather obscure amount of £103.56, while rival online store ShopTo picked £84.85, which is...

  • News Shiny Blue and Pink 3DS Models Coming to Japan

    Making the move from Taiwan and Hong Kong

    Over the past 25 years or more Nintendo's liked to give consumers a lot of choices with handhelds, with colours and design variations to keep almost anyone happy. It's now emerged that the pictured light blue and pink 3DS models — not XL — will arrive in Japan on 20th March; not that Japan has a shortage...

  • Rumour Wii Mini on the Way to Europe

    Just, well... because

    Remember the Wii Mini, released in Canada late last year? With a top-loading disc-drive, no online connectivity of any kind, SD slot or even support for component cables. It's the basic Wii with much stripped out to allow an even lower retailer price than the standard last-gen model, no doubt targeting those on exceptionally...

  • News 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL Coming To The UK March 22nd

    Bolt (on) out of the blue

    Nintendo has confirmed that the Circle Pad Pro XL will launch in the UK on March 22nd — just in time for Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate on the 3DS. The accessory follows in the footsteps of its smaller predecessor, which was designed to bolt onto the original 3DS console. The Circle Pad Pro XL offers an additional analogue...

  • News Pink 3DS XL Is Making A Comeback In Time For Valentine's Day

    Show them you love them with a Nintendo portable

    The pink iteration of the Nintendo 3DS XL was a surprise hit last year, quickly selling out and leaving many potential owners disappointed. However, it would seem that Nintendo of America has been struck by cupid's arrow and has taken pity on these very same people. The pink 3DS XL (it's actually...

  • Hardware Classics Nintendo Game Boy

    Monochrome masterpiece

    The Nintendo DS may be the biggest selling handheld console of all time, but you could argue that this is only the case because of the vital groundwork laid down by the Game Boy. The original monochrome brick was pushed onto the market in 1989 in the wake of Nintendo's popular Game & Watch range, and would go on to sell...


  • News Nintendo Plans To Make It Easier For Developers To Share Their Assets Between Platforms

    Expanding developer capabilities with technology like Unity, JavaScript and HTML5

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently held a financial briefing with investors that wasn't exactly brimming with good news for the company. Iwata-san revealed that Nintendo recorded an operating loss of 5.85 billion Yen in the nine month period and spoke about a...

  • Hardware Review Retrode 2

    Unlock your vintage games collection

    We reported on the Retrode Version 2 last year, and have since been able to get our hands on one of these intriguing (not to mention controversial) devices. What follows is a straightforward review of the unit and an assessment of its functionality and usefulness to dedicated retro collectors. We're not going...

  • News Get A Load Of These Awesome Custom Nintendo Consoles

    Making old things new again

    What do you do when a console reaches the end of its lifespan and is replaced by newer, more powerful systems? You give it a fresh lick of paint, of course. That's exactly what Zoki64 has done. This talented artist has taken custom paint jobs to the next level, transforming N64, Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance...

  • News Ubisoft: Wii U Power Meant No Limitations For Rayman Legends

    Rayman creator lavishes Wii U with more praise

    Rayman creator Michel Ancel has had nothing but positive things to say about Wii U since he’s been working with the new system. In previous interviews he has noted that Nintendo’s new home console is “surprisingly powerful” and that Ubisoft could really focus on making its latest game, Rayman...

  • News Nintendo of America Confirms Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle

    The game will come pre-installed

    We reported earlier on a rumour circulating that a special 3DS bundle for Fire Emblem: Awakening was on the way to North America. The speculation sparked off after a full page advertisement for the strategic RPG was found in the latest issue of Game Informer, which showed a bundle not too dissimilar to the one Japan...

  • Rumour Fire Emblem: Awakening Bundle Coming To North America

    Comes with a glorious special edition 3DS

    Yesterday we reported that a demo for the highly anticipated strategic RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening will be made available to download from the North American 3DS eShop on 17th January. The game itself will launch on 4th February and will be available in both physical and downloadable forms. According to var

  • News Didn't Pick Up The Pink 3DS XL? Hard Luck

    Strictly limited edition, according to Nintendo

    Late last year, Nintendo released the Pink / White 3DS XL in North America as a limited edition. The system was clearly something of a hit with consumers, as it has since sold out - and if you missed the chance to pick one up, it looks like your only hope now is to purchase a pre-owned model...

  • News Nyko Power Pak Boosts Wii U GamePad Stamina By Three Times

    More power to your controller

    As great as the Wii U is, the one thing that bugs many owners is the terrible battery life of the GamePad controller. We've lost count of the number of times we've had to play with it connected to the wall charger because we forgot to top-up the battery after the previous day's session. Thankfully, peripheral...

  • News Team Ninja: Wii U Is "Definitely Next Generation"

    "Players want new innovation"

    A few months back Ukrainian developer 4A, the team behind Metro: Last Light, claimed that it was not impressed with the graphical processing power of Wii U, saying it has a "horrible, slow CPU". This comment naturally sparked off a debate within the industry with many people agreeing with the statement, while others...

  • Hardware Classics Game Boy Micro Famicom Edition

    Micro Marvel

    For more than a decade, the name "Game Boy" was as synonymous with handheld gaming as "iPod" is with portable music playback today. Following the launch of the original monochrome Game Boy console in the late '80s, Nintendo ruled the market with total dominance thanks to an incredibly popular line of million-selling systems. When the...


  • Hardware Classics Tezuka Osamu World Shop Game Boy Light

    A gaming work of art

    In the first of a new series of features, we'll be taking a look at some seriously beautiful and collectible gaming items - all of which are certain to get hardcore Nintendo fans seriously excited. First up is the Limited Edition Tezuka Osamu World Shop Game Boy Light, a super-rare Japanese exclusive which is emblazoned with...

  • News Nintendo DS Inspired The Uniqueness Of Wii U

    Former president's philosophy still being put into practice

    Wii U is currently the system on everyone’s lips. It’s the first home console to add an extra screen to the television with the inclusion of the GamePad, but it’s not the first time Nintendo has added one to its hardware. In an interview on Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, President of...

  • News Nintendo Is Sorry For Wii U Load Times, Is Working On A Fix

    Satoru Iwata apologises for lengthy waits when switching between applications

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has publicly apologised for the lengthy loading times endured by Wii U users when moving around the console's operating system. The comments were delivered in a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast. Iwata admitted that the load times were an...

  • News 3DS Continues To Dominate Sales In Japan

    Not even Wii U can stop it

    Last week Wii U launched in Japan and clocked up some impressive sales, so impressive that it even outsold the 3DS, which has been dominating hardware sales in Japan for a sustained period and outselling the competition by 2.5 times. However, the Wii U wasn't on top for long as this week the 3DS came back with a...

  • News Fresh Figures Suggest Nintendo DS Is The Most Popular Console Of All Time

    Overtakes the PS2 in global sales

    According to VGChartz, the Nintendo DS is now officially the most popular games console of all time. Updated sales state that Nintendo's dual-screen handheld has shifted an amazing 153.69 million units worldwide, while the PS2 has sold 153.68 million. The DS - which hit the market in 2004 - has sold 56.47 million...

  • News System Faults Didn't Stop THQ From Bringing Metro: Last Light To Wii U

    Clarification incoming!

    We reported last month that A4 Games - developer of Metro: Last Light - had found that the Wii U had a "horrible, slow CPU", with Huw Beynon of THQ elaborating that the console wasn't "worth pursuing at this time". The end result is that Wii U owners aren't going to see the first person shooter on their consoles next year...

  • News Japanese 3DS Lifetime Sales Overtake PlayStation 3

    Nintendo consoles dominating on home soil

    Recently we learnt that the 3DS was dominating sales in Japan with the portable console shifting 2.5 times more units than all other platforms combined. It seems this momentum isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either, as this week’s impressive sales have seen it leapfrog a big rival in total sales...

  • News Here's A Special Edition 3DS XL And First Trailer For Super Robot Taisen UX

    Robot rock

    Namco Bandai has released the first trailer for its upcoming 3DS title, Super Robot Taisen UX. Due to hit the portable console on 14th March 2013, the game is classed as a 2D side-scrolling action game based on the popular Japanese series - featuring plenty of anime mech battles with notable characters from the show. To commemorate the...

  • News Nintendo Confirms It Is Possible To Transfer Network IDs To Another Wii U

    Only in the event of a repair, it seems

    Last month we reported that Nintendo Network IDs were tied to one console - meaning you couldn't sign into your own account on a friend's Wii U or worse still, if you were unlucky and broke your brand new Wii U, there would likely be no easy way to simply login on a new console and retrieve your details. For...

  • Hardware Review Wii Mini

    I shall call it Mini Wii

    To say the Wii Mini's announcement was something of a surprise is an understatement. Having just launched the Wii U you would have assumed that Nintendo would want to focus all of its attention on its next-gen system and not risk any other hardware-based distractions. Strange timing aside, the Wii Mini is now a reality - and...

  • Feature We've Unboxed A Wii Mini So You Don't Have To

    Getting to grips with the newest Nintendo console

    Exclusive to Canada and lacking online functionality, the Wii Mini might seem like an afterthought on Nintendo's part but that didn't stop us ordering one as soon as they became available and mobbing the courier the moment the package arrived. Nintendo hardware is still Nintendo hardware, after all...

  • News How A Modified Wii Zapper Inspired The Wii U

    Prototype also impacted the development of the 3DS

    With the Wii U launching in Japan tomorrow, the latest edition of Iwata Asks focuses on Nintendo Land, one of the console's most significant first-party titles. During the interview, Takayuki Shimamura from EAD's Software Development Department revealed a prototype Wii Zapper - with a screen...

  • News Nintendo Enjoys Bumper North American Hardware Sales In November

    More than 1.75 million hardware units shifted in one month

    Nintendo has released its sales figures for the month of November, revealing that it has sold more than 1.75 million units across the US. This means that November 2012 marks the 36th time that Nintendo has sold over 1 million units in a month in North America since 2004. Attributing to this...

  • News Wii U And 3DS Firmware Updates Go Live

    "Further improvements to overall system stability"

    Nintendo has pushed out firmware updates to its Wii U and 3DS consoles. In the case of both updates, Nintendo states that they offer "further improvements to overall system stability". This is the second update for the Wii U, following the 1GB install which occurs when new systems are switched on...

  • News Wii U Update Will Be Available Out Of The Box Next Year

    Oh why must U make us wait

    We all had to face that dreaded update for Wii U upon first setting it up, leaving no choice but to pop off for a cup of tea or a quick stroll to the shops and back. It has come as no surprise, however, that this hour long update - some have had less time to wait, while others had much longer - will come pre-installed with...

  • News Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Has A Wii U

    Shuhei Yoshida gets his game on

    Although most rabid fanboys would love to think that Sony and Nintendo's employees loathe each other so much that they can't even bring themselves to look at a system created by their rival, that obviously isn't the case. Just like common gamers, individuals within these two great companies will have access to a...

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