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  • E3 2012 Ding Dong, Friend Codes are Dead on Wii U

    Happy day

    Short but snappy: the dreaded friend codes are gone on Wii U. Shane Satterfield from received the good news this morning. Oh yeah, was confirmed to me today that friend codes are gone for Wii U. Wii U's Miiverse is now the central hub for meeting people and making friends on Wii U, and with online accounts we should...

  • News Atlus Will Bring Code of Princess to North America

    Guardian heroes

    Atlus has just announced it'll release Code of Princess on 3DS in North America this Fall. The new action RPG from the creators of SEGA Saturn classic Guardian Heroes, Code of Princess is a 3DS exclusive and comes with online cooperative and competitive play. Eager players can pre-order the game now and receive a free art book and...


  • News Mario Kart 7 Update Available Now

    Commence updating!

    The exploit-fixing update for Mario Kart 7 is available now. It patches up glaring shortcuts in the game's Wuhu Island Loop, Wuhu Mountain Loop and GBA Bowser Castle 1 courses. You won't be able to play online if you don't download the update, so hopefully this'll level the online playing field. Here's how to update your game: 1)...

  • News Nintendo Games Back in Force at Game Stores

    Back in One Piece

    Nintendo-published games have returned to the shelves of UK retailers Game and Gamestation. Tekken 3D Prime Edition was the first game to skip the retailer in February, but is now available to buy in store or online. It's joined by fellow 3DS outing One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP and DS sequel Inazuma Eleven 2, plus Pandora


  • News Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hits 3DS

    He's back

    After endless rumours, SEGA's lifted the lid on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Nintendo 3DS. The racer sees Sonic and friends racing in cars that also transform for aquatic and aerial travel. That might sound a little familiar to Mario Kart 7 veterans, but developer Sumo Digital has assured fans it's very different: you race...

  • News Organise Your Home Menu With New 3DS Update

    All the fun of folders

    If your Home Menu's looking a little cluttered these days, you might want to anticipate the new 3DS system update in a few days that adds folders to the mix. You'll be able to create folders to hold as many as 60 tiles each, which should certainly de-clutter that menu. You can name your folders too, which should make finding...

  • News Baker and OpCapita Deal Saves GAME

    Better late than never

    GAME has left administration after less than a week. Investment firm OpCapita negotiated a sale of the company's UK assets to Baker Acquisitions Limited, bringing GAME Group out of administration and providing it with the necessary capital to continue trading over the near future. Baker has confirmed there are no more plans...


  • News SEGA: "Sonic VC Games Will Stay in Europe"

    Good news, everyone

    Last week we reported that SEGA is dropping four Sonic games from the Japanese Virtual Console, and naturally our thoughts turned to if and how this would affect users outside Japan. We've now heard back from SEGA Europe with good news. A SEGA representative confirmed that these removals "will not affect Europe, only...


  • News Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming to Canada Too

    More information due "soon"

    Last week's announcement that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America actually only specified a United States release, leading those north of the border to wonder if it would see release in Canada. It will. Nintendo of Canada confirmed to that the much-anticipated RPG is on the way to Canada: Xenobla

  • News 3DS Firmware Update Available Now

    Get to it!

    The wait is over: the Nintendo 3DS firmware update is available now around the world. The update adds new features including 3D video recording, new games in the StreetPass Mii Plaza and the ability to download games from the 3DS eShop while the system is in sleep mode. Here's how to get your update. Bear in mind you'll need a wireless...

  • News It's Official: Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming to North America

    Out next Spring

    After all the excitement with rumours today, finally confirmation: Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America. Nintendo of America just announced the game is on the way in Spring, though didn't give much else away. North America, your patience has been rewarded. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES COMING TO NINTENDO'S WII CONSOLE IN SPRING...


  • News Mega Drive Strider Confirmed For European Virtual Console

    Good news, everyone!

    After yesterday's rumour that Strider is coming to Wii Virtual Console we asked Capcom Europe exactly what's going on. We're now happy to report that the rumours were true: the Mega Drive version of Strider is coming to Virtual Console. Interestingly the game — and fellow westward-bound VC title Super Street Fighter II with...

  • News 3DS Update Lets You Join Your Friends' Online Games

    Just tap

    The 3DS friends list is severely lacking, but the upcoming firmware update should add a much-requested feature. A post at NeoGAF (via Eurogamer) reveals the update lets you join an online friend's game in progress, and also lets you organise your friends list by online status. The update is included on the Japanese version of


  • News 3DS System Transfer Tool Arrives With November Update

    It's not a physical tool, you understand

    Frustrated that all the awesome content for your 3DS is trapped within its physical body, unable to exit to reside within another, perhaps differently coloured console? Angry that no matter how many times you tap the 3DS Transfer Tool in the system menu it won't let you move content between consoles? You'll be able to wipe up those tears next month. As well..

  • News Nicalis Announces VVVVVV for 3DS eShop

    VVVVVVery good news

    In the wake of its success bringing Cave Story to DSiWare, Nicalis has announced it's bringing VVVVVV to the 3DS eShop later this year. The gravity-flipping retro platformer has been around the indie scene for a while and is generally regarded as an innovative and very enjoyable ride: it's less about jumping and more about...



  • News Capcom Will Not Repeat Mercenaries 3D Save File Mistake

    Dark days are over

    The Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D save file debate is only just abating, but Capcom has certainly noticed the ire it attracted online, and has spoken directly to its fans about the issue. In a video posted on Capcom Unity, Capcom US Vice President Christian Svensson acknowledged the issue and strongly hinted that a single, delete-proof save file would be a one-off: I think..


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