E3 2013 - News



  • News Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In Skipping E3 This Year

    “I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought"

    Nintendo's decision to not hold its traditional E3 press conference this year resulted in a some rather mixed emotions, with many fans crying foul and almost as many stating that it made sense, given the current state of the market and the impending launches of the PS4 and Next Xbox. Analyst...

  • News Nintendo Invites Media to Wii U Software Showcase at E3

    "Come play with us"

    Nintendo's plans for E3 have become a little clearer today, after the surprising recent announcement that the company is skipping its annual major presentation — all while Sony and Microsoft merrily carry on. While we're still not sure what the big N plans to amuse the wider public with — assuming it plans to do so at all —...