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  • News Vulpix Joins The Ever-Growing Pokémon Build-A-Bear Range

    And there goes another $60

    The Build-A-Bear Pokémon range is becoming a very easy on the eye - and not so easy on the wallet - collection of fan-favourite monsters in adorable plush form. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were telling you about Meowth joining the roster, but it seems yet another one is now available. Vulpix has arrived and can...




  • News Charmander Joins the Ranks at Build-A-Bear

    Build-A-Firebreathing-Pokemon isn't as catchy

    Build-A-Bear is a charming chain of stores that isn't afraid to jump into the hottest trends in popular culture. It's not slow to offer Darth Vader bears when Star Wars is all the rage, and of course began to make hay while the Pokémon GO sun was shining. With Pokémon Sun and Moon now a hot thing,...

  • News Sonic And Tails Are Spin-Dashing To Build-A-Bear Workshop

    Ringing in the changes

    Teddy bear maker Build-A-Bear Workshop is marking Sonic's 25th with two special plush toys. Sonic comes as part of a special bundle which includes the 17-inch toy, a gold ring and an art print produced exclusively for the retailer by Sonic Team, all for $35. Also available is Sonic's trusty sidekick Tails, who is slightly...