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  • News Pokémon Rumble Rush Is Now Available On iOS Devices

    Two months after the Android release

    After its May launch on Google Play and Android devices in May, the free-to-play title Pokémon Rumble Rush is now available to download from the Apple Store. If you haven't paid any attention to this game, now might be the time. It's the fifth entry in the Rumble series and the first to enter the mobile fray...





  • News Nintendo In Competition With Apple for In-Demand Switch Parts

    It's all that NAND flash memory

    The Nintendo Switch has certainly been a success since its launch back in March. The latest speculation following the strong start is that Nintendo is now ramping up Switch production for this fiscal year, with 18 million units reportedly to be out in the wild by March 2018 in order to meet the surging demand; that...




  • News Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Decade After Nintendo

    New gaming controller for Apple TV looks very familiar

    Unless you happen to live under a rock, you will no doubt have been aware that yesterday Apple held one of its special events in which it announced several new products. There was a larger iPad, two new iPhones and - perhaps most significantly of all - a new Apple TV, this time with a very...




  • News Sneaky GBA Emulator Makes Brief Appearance In Apple App Store

    Managed to crawl in as "Awesome Baby Names"

    Apple doesn't have the most triumphant reputation for vetting the products found in its App Store, and it looks as though another piece of copyrighted material managed to slip through the badly worn net. Earlier today, a Game Boy Advance emulator smuggled itself into the App Store using a cunning disguise...


  • News Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat is Apple

    Could Nintendo be taking Sony and Microsoft too lightly, or over-reacting to Apple?

    It's strange that Nintendo would see Apple and its range of iOS devices as more of a threat than Sony or Microsoft and their stake in the home console and handheld markets. Reggie Fils-Aime, President at Nintendo of America has echoed the concerns of Satoru Iwata and...


  • News The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final Fantasy Scribe

    Ex-Square writer says the iPad marks the beginning of the end for Nintendo's handheld dominace

    Although Nintendo's position in the home console market has been contested numerous times over the past few decades, it has always held court over one sector of the video game industry: the humble handheld. With the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy...

  • News Nintendo Unlikely to Invite Apple to Parties Anytime Soon

    Satoru Iwata apparently singles out iPhone & iPad as 'enemies'

    In the world of console gaming, we've gotten used to the status quo that has Nintendo competing against the likes of Sony and Microsoft, with only the former in possession of any experience and success in the portable market. Now it can no longer be denied that Apple has bagged itself a...