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News: Gaming Convergence

Gaming Convergence

We take a look at convergence between PCs and Consoles. Will it ever happen?

Reading up about the CES show over the weekend I noticed an article on The Register where Micheal Dell - of Dell Computers - attacked Microsoft's Xbox 360 with a wash of outrageous claims. "Dell dismissed Microsoft as a "so called high-definition gaming" player, saying that gaming consoles will never keep up..

News: Patented Nintendo Floor Vision

Patented Nintendo Floor Vision

Japanese patent office shows record for Nintendo's "Floor Vision" technology.

The Japanese giants are going full force into the interactive gaming experience, first with the DS, then the Revolution controller, followed by interest in VR headsets and now interactive floor vision! It seems late last year Nintendo secured the "Nintendo Floor Vision"...

News: Nintendo DS Sales Soar Over Holiday Period

Nintendo DS Sales Soar Over Holiday Period

Significant sales of the portable units raise total sales to over 13 million world wide.

Nintendo issued press release today tells us all about how well the DS is selling, thanks to the holiday period and new Mario Kart bundles. Worldwide sales are now in excess of 13 million. "Worldwide sales have shown a similar pattern with millions turning to Nintendo for their portable gaming..

News: Inside Nintendo

Inside Nintendo

The hour long BBC3 documentary on Nintendo appears on the Google Video service.

Want to learn something new about the Japanese giants Nintendo? Well now you can. The hour long documentary from 2005 has appeared on the Google Video service. The documentary was produced sometime in 2005 by the BBC for its new Digital channel, BBC Three. Thanks to whoever uploaded it for giving us a second chance to..

News: Nintendo's Market Value Up 15%

Nintendo's Market Value Up 15%

New DFC Intelligence reports market growth in general with Nintendo one of the leaders.

The report covered by shows an overall market growth of 7% during the period Feburary to December 2005. Of the three main players Nintendo came out ontop with a 15% increase in value, Sony followed with a 7% rise and Microsoft muddled along with only a 1% gain. This seems very healthy for..

News: BBC Analyst Predicts Console War

BBC Analyst Predicts Console War

A report outlining the upcoming next-generation consoles has been posted on the BBC News website.

Alfred Hermida, Technology Editor of the BBC News website has today posted a report on his thoughts for the coming year. The article covers the 3 main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and they're different approaches into the console market...

News: Japanese DS Sales Hit 5 Million

Japanese DS Sales Hit 5 Million

Just over 12 months were needed to sell over 5.4 million Nintendo DS units.

Reuters has today reported Nintendo's Satoru Iwata confirming that domestic sales of the DS portable game machine reached 5 million units in less than 13 months after its launch in early December 2004, becoming the fastest-ever pace in Japan's video game market. Whatever the...

News: EA Wants To Join The Revolution

EA Wants To Join The Revolution

Nintendo continue to impress developers with their unique new controller. EA seem to be convinced.

Third party support is growing for Nintendo. This area of the market is vital to the success of the new console, Nintendo have failed to generate third party interest in past outings. Enter Reggie, the big cheese was in action once again, this time he was speaking at the 33rd Annual UBS Global Media..