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  • News The Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Has, Well, Said Goodbye

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen...

    What happens when you release a relatively cheap silver-plated coin with a little velvet bag, and it happens to be a 'Goodbye Coin' for Club Nintendo in PAL territories? The hosting website struggles to survive the influx of hits, of course. Our very own editorial director Damien McFerran - in the interests of...


  • News Nintendo's Denise Kaigler Calls It Quits

    Steps down for family reasons

    After two years on the job, Nintendo of America's Denise Kaigler has stepped down from her position as vice president of corporate affairs. Kaigler revealed the news in IGN's Nintendo Minute, a weekly feature where she would (try to) answer a question about the company's operations. It's a fact of life that job and family often pull us in opposite directions. As..