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  • News SEGA Knows Fans Want Sonic Adventure 3

    But, no, it doesn't sound like it'll happen

    In his 16-bit heyday, Sonic was certainly a force to be reckoned with, something that was only further reaffirmed by the recent release of Sonic Mania. It’s when the blue blur stepped into the 3rd dimension that things started going off rails, and it could be argued that Sonic Team has never quite nailed...

  • News Natsume Has a New Sale Available on the eShop

    Whaddya buyin’?

    One of the more welcome features of the vastly improved eShop of last generation was the introduction of sales on Nintendo’s digital storefront. Though the company rarely discounts its games—and when it does, there’s not a whole lot being dropped—it nonetheless has at least provided third parties with a means of enticing...

  • News 3DS OS Version 11.6.0-39 Is Now Available for Download

    11.5.0-38 is so last year

    With each passing day, it seems that Nintendo Switch becomes an increasingly more important part of Nintendo’s plans, while the 3DS proportionally becomes more and more irrelevant. The release of Metroid: Samus Returns helps stem this, but there’s still a lingering feeling that the platform is on its last legs. Perhaps...

  • News Nintendo Has a Few Titles in NPD’s Top-Selling Games List

    And Super Mario Odyssey hasn't even released yet

    The NPD results for August have just come in and the Switch has come out favorably, leading hardware sales for the month. The report also included the top-selling games of both the year and the past month and Nintendo had games that charted in both. Seeing as how there’s more excellent releases to...

  • News Switch Was the Best-Selling Platform for August 2017

    From strength to strength

    Coming off of the Wii U, it was fair to be skeptical that the Nintendo Switch would be a largescale mainstream hit. Sure, the console launched with a roaring start due to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but then again, the Wii U started out bright, too. Still, as time has passed, the Switch has been consistently...

  • News Here’s the Full List of Changes Made by ARMS Version 3.0.0

    You'll float, too

    ARMS is still ticking along just fine, seeing a regular amount of content additions and balancing tweaks every few weeks. The big news with the current update is that the new fighter, Lola Pop, is finally being added to the game, but there’s a number of other additions and tweaks that have been made, too. Alongside Lola, we’ve...

  • News Runbow Is Coming to the Switch in Winter 2017

    Round up all your friends

    One of the standout games on the ill-fated Wii U was that of Runbow, 13AM Games’ standout take on a competitive platforming game. It put the studio on the map and eventually saw another release on the New 3DS in the form of Runbow Pocket. Considering the game’s cult status and style, it seemed to be a perfect fit for...

  • News Nintendo Switch Online Version 1.1.0 Is Now Available for Download

    Well, it's sort of fixed

    When Nintendo released its Nintendo Switch Online app for smart devices, it’s not entirely off base to say that it was a complete dumpster fire. The app was hokey and difficult to use, prevented you from using any other apps beside it, and demanded that your phone’s screen be on all the time. In short, it was next to...

  • News Learn All About the Making of F-Zero with This New Interview from Nintendo

    Show me ya moves!

    Last week, we shared with you a fascinating interview from Nintendo that detailed the early days of the SNES and the production of Star Fox, as part of a way of promoting the impending release of the SNES Mini. Nintendo has now released part two of its interview series, and this one goes over the making of the original F-Zero...

  • News A Hat in Time Could Be Appearing on the Switch in the Future

    No plans now, but that may change

    A Hat in Time is one of those Kickstarters that feels like it’s been in development forever, as it’s been gradually delayed again and again. The 3D platformer is finally seeing a release on 5th October, but the Switch isn’t included on its list of platforms. Earlier in the year, developer Gears for Breakfast...

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    Review LEGO Worlds

    Brick by brick

    When Minecraft first hit the scene years back, many likened playing it to building with LEGOs, which wasn’t an entirely amiss comparison to be made. The charmingly blocky sandbox game went on to effectively create a whole new genre of its own, and while LEGO games did exist they were more focused on action platforming than creating...

  • News Splatoon 2 Version 1.3.0 Is Now Live

    At last, the Tri-Slosher nerf!

    Splatoon 2 has already seen a number of changes since launch, adding in new stages and content alongside some much needed tweaks to balancing the greater metagame. It’s been a bit since the last update—although we have naturally seen the addition of some new stages and weapons, periodically—and now Nintendo has...

  • News Azure Striker Gunvolt Has Passed 250k Sales on 3DS


    Inti Creates did a fantastic job of continuing on the legacy of Mega Man in its own way with the stellar Azure Striker Gunvolt games, which first debuted on the 3DS a few years back. The two games just saw a rerelease on the Switch with the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack and while what’s next for the series is still just about...

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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete Adventure

    Closing out the story

    The Wii U was known for often getting pushed aside or ignored when it came to third party support, and so it goes that although Minecraft: Story Mode came to the console, it only delivered a little over half the episodes in the full season. Nintendo fans of the series were no doubt miffed that they weren’t given the chance to...

  • News Miyamoto and Other Developers Discuss Star Fox 2 and the SNES

    "If you think about it now, we were awfully ambitious."

    The late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was well known in many circles for his Iwata Asks interview series in which new hardware and software launches would see him asking the developers about the experience and other such things. Although the series more or less was retired with his passing,...

  • News FAST RMX Version 1.3 Goes Live on 13th September

    Bring on the free DLC

    FAST RMX was a standout title in the Switch’s launch library, carrying on the dream of F-Zero with its high intensity futuristic racing. Since then, the game has been occasionally tweaked with new updates that add in new content and extra features, and the latest of those has just received a release date. FAST RMX version...

  • News Nintendo Switch OS Version 3.0.2 Is Now Live

    Behold the splendor!

    It’s been quite a fair bit of time since Nintendo last updated the Nintendo Switch software with *gasp* new features beyond that all-important stability that we simply cannot get enough of in any Nintendo console. Nintendo has heard your cries, and has opted to grace the raving masses with yet another glorious software update...

  • News Pokémon CEO on the Future of Pokémon and the Switch

    What? ​Pokémon is evolving!

    It was a bit of an amusing bait and switch when there was a short Pokémon Direct this summer which started out showing kids playing on their Switches before revealing the game to be Pokkén Tournament DX. Not that the game isn’t a welcome addition to the Switch library, but fans are frothing at the mouth for a new...

  • News Suda51 on Where Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Sits Within the Series

    It’s not a sequel, but it’s not a spin-off either…

    One of the best surprises from the recent Nintendo Nindies Showcase was that of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, a new entry in the popular action games from the days of the Wii. Though details on the new game have been relatively scarce, it’s more or less been assumed that this is No...

  • News Super Mario Run Is Back on the iOS App Store

    Mario was just taking a lunch break

    Earlier today, we reported on the mysterious disappearance of Super Mario Run from the iOS App Store, a move which didn’t have any explanation by either Apple or Nintendo. Perhaps it had something to do with a bug in the game which warranted its removal or maybe there was some kind of problem on the side of the...

  • News The Mega Man Movie Has Begun the Early Stages of Production

    Script is in the process of being written now

    For quite a while now, there’s been plenty of talk about the Mega Man movie which has been in and out of development hell. This past summer, however, some meaningful progress was made this summer as the project reportedly picked up its writers and directors. Their inclusion has now been confirmed and...

  • News Yacht Club Games Announces More Shovel Knight amiibo

    For shovelry!

    Shovel Knight had the honor of being the first major third party amiibo several years back, and it added in a great amount of content as well. Since then, it’s received some cool use in other games—like Azure Striker Gunvolt—and had a little more functionality added in, like the amiibo fairy. Still, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove...

  • News Oceanhorn Is Getting a Demo on the Switch eShop

    Zelda? Who's that?

    Though the Switch played host to the groundbreaking The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the new title really doesn’t play very much like other Zelda games, perhaps with the exception of the NES original. Though that certainly isn’t a bad thing, many fans no doubt would like some traditional Zelda action on the Switch, but...

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    Review Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack

    A shock to your system

    In the void left behind by the absence of Capcom’s classic Mega Man series, Azure Striker Gunvolt stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job of iterating on the original format while also adding in some wholly unique elements that made the game stand out. Then Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 came out, offering up a tighter,...