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Tales of Elastic Boy: Mission 1 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Elastic fantastic?

While still creating a line of educational games on WiiWare, Lexis Numerique decided to work on a platforming series alongside it. Sticking with a similar graphical style clearly geared towards younger gamers, does this fare well against other games in the genre currently available?

You play as Mooky, just one member of an entire tribe of strange elastic creatures. Their primary special ability is to stretch themselves out, allowing them to grab hold of things that are fairly far apart. The story's as typical as it could possibly get: bad omens have started to appear, and you just happen to be the one special someone who is somehow destined to defeat the bad guys. Cutscenes between levels advance the plot little by little, but it's nothing of Shakespearean quality.

The game takes full control of the Wii's motion control and does not allow for any other control options, which is always a poor choice, if you ask us — they could've at least simply allowed you to attach the nunchuk and let you use that. To simply roll around, you have to hold B while tilting the remote to the right or left, and stuff like pounding the ground or basically another form of movement requires you to flick the Wii remote in some direction. The pointer also comes into play by allowing you to point at floating pegs — press the A button on the one you want to grab on to and you'll do just so. You can also just hold down A and move your pointer from peg to peg to move around much faster.

The game never really picks up the pace in terms of challenge, with most obstacles being pretty simple to pass. We managed to breeze through all of the game's seven levels in about 90 minutes on the "difficult" settings, which didn't really live up to its name, further hammering home that this is clearly geared towards a younger audience. Because of this, and the fact most levels look alike, there's nothing really memorable about the whole thing. It's not bad, per se, but it feels pretty bland.

When you're done with the main adventure, the game thankfully also offers a Versus mode for 2 players. The five multiplayer modes are pretty simple and are all variations of two things: collecting gold nuggets or grabbing a crown and holding on to it as long as possible. None of it is very compelling, but it at least extends the game's life expectancy a little.

Much like most of the game, the graphics and music are pretty bland. The visual style resembles that of the PooYoos, but doesn't really jump out at you as much, and we barely even noticed music was actually playing.


All in all, Elastic Boy is a moderately good start for young kids who want to start getting into actual gaming (perhaps as a step up from Lexis Numerique's other WiiWare series), and for 600 Wii Points it's not really too expensive. Be on the lookout for sequels!

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Popyman said:

I really like what the developers are doing with their games, slowly leading younger kids into real games(and teaching them stuff a long the way!). That's a nice goal and I wish them success, even though their games aren't for me.



Dodger said:

It's not really one I want but it's a nice idea. Other then Kirby, there aren't too many real platformer games that are geared towards younger people. I am older and I still enjoy Kirby but my little sister loves his games. (Although when I think about it, she pretty much likes any game I like...)



Tate24 said:

i regret getting this now!! I was looking for other fun platform game to play. Ive got all greats like lostwind and that. In wii shop channel on the information page for the game it said that it was good game for platform addicts!! and that it had lots puzzles in it. and challenging gameplay So i thought OOooo sounds like my cup of tea....sadly however when i played it. It was already to late no puzzles and no challenge. I did however enjoy using control system thought it very unique and worked well. Plus 2-player was quite fun to play. I just wish there had of been a review up little early from stopping me from wasting my money



rjejr said:

Not their fault entirely, but after paying $5 for Monsteca and playing it about 6 or 7 hours I can't pay $6 for a 90 minute game. Well that and 600 points would leave me 400 which is pretty useless.
Note to WiiWare developers - either make your game good enough to be 1000 points or make it 500.



LuWiiGi said:

A short review for a short game. Wasn't much that needed to be said though. Just looks so bland.

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