Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Roombo: First Blood, and we doubt you've ever played a game quite like this before.

Described as a "comedic, top-down, stealth-action game", this one has you taking on the role of a ravenous, murderous robot vacuum cleaner. You'll be hacking gadgets like lights, doors and appliances to set traps, improvising weapons from objects around the house, and hiding under furniture as you set your trajectory before hurtling yourself at enemies, all in a bid to fend off burglars.

Ironically, being a vacuum cleaner, you'll then have to clean up all the blood you leave on the carpet before your family gets home. You can see some of the madness unfold in the trailer above.

The game's eShop listing says that Roombo: First Blood is "a short experimental game featuring 6 difficulty scenarios set in one stage and an unlockable gallery of concept art". It might not be the lengthiest of experiences, then, but Steam user reviews have been 'very positive' since it first launched there this summer.

It'll cost you $4.99 on Switch if you want to give it a go, and hey - if Luigi's Mansion 3's anything to go by, hoover-based games can be pretty fantastic.