You likely don't need us to explain what Untitled Goose Game is at this point - the eShop wonder has managed to waddle its way to internet fame over the last few days - but what you do need is to experience the game being played with a custom goose controller.

Yes, Twitch streamer Dylan 'Rudeism' Beck has gone above and beyond for his playthrough of the game, ditching the usual boring controllers we mere mortals play with in favour of a custom, fully functioning goose suit. Complete with wings, flippers and a beak, the suit gave us a good chuckle, and seeing it action is just as barmy as you'd expect.

You can check it out for yourself in the video below; Rudeism uses a combination of a thumbstick and the flippers to move - meaning that he has to waddle on the spot to get the on-screen goose moving, and has to actually flap his own arms to flap the goose's wings. Perhaps the best part is the beak; to make the goose perform its signature honk, Rudeism simply has to speak or honk himself thanks to the beak being voice-activated.

The beginning of the video shows the setup of the costume. You can find gameplay from around the 25-minute mark.

Fancy a tl;dr version? Here you go:

Amazing stuff. Simply amazing.

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