Water Type

Part of what made the original Pokémon games so special on the Game Boy was the starter pocket monsters you could select from. You had the choice of the grass/poison-type Bulbasaur, the water-type Squirtle, and the fire-type Charmander. As your journey progressed, each of these creatures evolved into more powerful Pokémon.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like though if you could transform Charizard into a grass type? How about making Blastoise a fire-type or Venasaur a water-type? Well, that's exactly what a talented Australian artist, known as @abz.art on Instagram, has done. Take a look at lava flowing from Blastoise, the branches on the back of Charizard and the coral formations on Venasaur in the stunning artwork above and below:

Fire Type
Grass Type

Abz has gone to the extent of transforming Pichu into a ferocious but insanely cute dragon-type. The original legendary birds also received a makeover and below these magnificent creatures you can see six varieties of Eevee evolutions on display:

Dragon-type Pichu

Admittedly, Game Freak has already done type-swaps before. For example, in Pokémon Sun and Moon Vulpix is an ice-type in the Alola region. When it comes to the original starters, we've only ever seen Mega Evolutions, with Charizard even receiving two different forms.

Refocusing our attention on the exceptional artwork above, which starter would you choose? Would you like to see any Pokémon in-particular swapped to a different type in future entries? Tell us in the comments below.

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