Funko has revealed the next Pop figure to arrive in its quickly growing Pokémon series. This time, it's the ever-so-adorable fire Pokémon, Charmander.

The figure has been teased in the tweet below, with a blog post also being shared which gives us a little more info. A May release date has been set, along with an image of the product which we've shared below and a brief description:

"Grow your Pokémon team with this famous Pokémon! Charmander’s tail will flare up when it gets angry, but this Pop! Charmander will be happy to join your team! Charmander can typically found in hot, mountainous areas, but this Pop! Charmander should be easy to capture without a trek to your nearest mountainous region."


Charmander isn't a surprising choice, of course, what with Bulbasaur being the last Pokémon to be revealed for the lineup. We'd be pretty willing to bet Squirtle will be next, so keep an eye out for that one.

Do you collect Funko Pop figures? Have you already ordered the Bulbasaur model? Let us know down below.