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Sun 17th March, 2013

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Reddaye commented on Video: Check Out These Etrian Odyssey: Milleni...:

I was a little hesitant about an Etrian Odyssey that doesn't let you create your own party, but this game looks fantastic. The cutscenes are gorgeous, and the party members all look good.

This might be a good way to expand EO's audience. Hopefully they'll continue doing this more story driven style as a spin off.

EDIT: Upon further inspection I found out you can play this in CLASSIC mode; which basically let's you play it like a traditional Wizardry style blobber. AWESOME.



Reddaye commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:


Being the designer of some of the gaming industries most critically acclaimed and beloved games makes you a ham head? Interesting.

I agree with Warren for the most part. I think there's a place in gaming for a more emotionally involving and less action oriented titles. A game like Ico springs to mind instantly as a game that narrows that gap. Theres room for growth, and theres a place for this kind of thing.

I think people who are assuming he thinks every game being released needs to fit this description are being a bit narrow minded. Its mainly an expression of the fact that theres a place in gaming for this kind of experience if developers were willing to nurture it and help it grow more.



Reddaye commented on Talking Point: The Unreal Engine 4 Gaffe Expos...:

It's certainly important for third parties to have access to a popular engine like Unreal Tech in order for the Wii U to be successful. Here's hoping it scales well enough for developers to want to use it on the U.

Mark Rein has a big mouth though. Always has.