King K Rool IMG

Earlier this week, the Switch received a firmware update resolving an issue linked to Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! and now Nintendo has turned its attention to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Although this is an incredibly minor update, it's still an important fix, ironing out a bug that appeared in version 2.0.0, where the King K. Rool Challenge in the Adventure section of Challenges wouldn't clear, even after fulfilling the conditions. For anyone who has experienced this, all you need to do is update your copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate to version 2.0.1 and then reload your Adventure save data. After this, return to the main menu and the King K. Rool Challenge will clear.

There have also been several fixes made to improve the overall gameplay experience.

If you want to keep playing this game online or locally with people who have already updated to version 2.0.1, you'll need to update to this version as well. Replays created with version 1.2.1 or earlier are not compatible with this latest version.

Have you updated your copy of Ultimate yet? Noticed anything else? Tell us in the comments.