If you ever wanted a Western take on Hotline Miami, then upcoming Switch game 12 Is Better Than 6 might be just the ticket. This hand-drawn pen-and-ink shooter with stealth elements takes place in the Wild West and looks pretty cool (and bloody!).

Here's what the game has to offer according to HypeTrain Digital and Ink Stains Games:

Unique shooting mechanics - You’ll need to cock the revolver with one trigger before being able to shoot by pressing another trigger. Shooting mechanics in the game will keep you on your toes - one false move and you’ll be overrun in an instant!

Choose your own playstyle – You don't have to go all guns blazing. You can choose to take a more stealthy approach to surprise your enemies, or even just sneak right past them. You can even complete almost an entire game without being noticed!

Locations - Real-life places and towns and the spirit of the desert will help you plunge into the cruel world of the Wild West. Visit Austin, San Antonio, Albuquerque, and Huston; find cheap saloons and expensive cabaret, Indian colonies and travelling caravans. But don't you worry, you'll find trouble in every one of these places!

Authentic weapons – You'll use the favourite bounty hunter weapons in the game. Winchesters, double-barreled guns, revolvers and Gatling guns are at your service to help destroy your enemies. For the more adventurous players, we’ve also prepared the extra-crazy one: a rat with dynamite attached to it. Throw a rat and it will run towards your enemies by itself!

Upgrades - These will help your hero to stay alive while navigating through the Wild West hell. You'll find breastplates that will have a 50% chance to deflect some bullets, a fast recharging skill that will allow the hero to insert 2 bullets at once, extreme accuracy (less spread for your shots), being able to kill an enemy in stealth mode without attracting the unwanted attention, and more!

Friends - Meet some main character’s old friends when travelling through the cities. But will they work as your allies or have they changed during the last five years?

It all looks rather great to us in the trailer and screenshots above. This Wild West-themed shooter is coming to the Switch on 5th March for $9.99. Will you be picking it up?