The Pokémon GO craze during the Summer meant that you didn't have to go far before seeing the tell-tale signs of people playing it; anyone stood in an unlikely place looking at their phone was probably catching pocket monsters. The app is still rather popular, too, and tech companies continually use it as a platform to explore interesting ideas.

One such example has been featured by the BBC's 'Click' show; it visits a company in San Francisco that's working on augmented reality glasses, which aim to change how people use the technology. It coded Pokémon GO to run in via the headset, albeit with some rough edges, and the presenter gives it a try in an office and out in the real world.

The price and ongoing impracticalities of glasses / headsets like these can't be ignored, of course, but this idea of augmented reality wearables isn't going away just yet - despite the failure and abandonment of Google Glass, for example.

Is this gimmicky or a sign of the future in AR? Let us know what you think in the comments.