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ZaciSa's Last Stand Blasting Towards the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's tower defence in space, so actually 'space-base' defence

A number of upcoming download-only games have been highlighted for the Wii U eShop in recent weeks and months, some of which by Nintendo in its own trailers. Naturally there are more projects yet to be widely seen, however, with one example likely to be ZaciSa's Last Stand by ZeNfA Productions, which is planning to release the title in December or January 2014 at a budget price.

It's set to be a tower defence style of game, but set in space and revolving around protecting bases with a variety of weapons. In-game currency gradually unlocks more weapons, while there'll be four maps and two difficulty levels. It's not necessarily a strictly single player affair, with others able to join in with Wii Remotes and control drones that assist in repelling enemies, while local and online leaderboards will encourage eager score-chasing.

According to its website ZeNfA Productions currently consists solely of Greg Wiggleton, a 27 year old Software Engineering graduate. Check out the trailer below and let us know whether this title (aiming for a cost of $1.99/2.99) is now on your radar.

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Nintenjoe64 said:

This game does look interesting.... I always wonder if these indy games' graphical styles were the original intention or it just came out randomly like this mid-development and they ran with it.



Sean_Aaron said:

I can't say I'm a great fan of the "crayons and pencil" look, but it's got pretty clean lines and the ships remind me of arcade classics like Spectar, so I can live with it (hyperspace looks pretty cool); re-skinned graphics might make for nice DLC. I like tower defence and if it's only a couple of quid I'll give anything a go - hopefully we'll see it in the UK!



Mahe said:

The last time tower defense, space and a quirky "drawn" graphical style came together, we got the fantastic Starship Defense / Starship Patrol on DSiWare.

While quite different, maybe this will likewise be quite entertaining?



andregurov said:

This reminds me of an XBLIG-type title, which is fantastic news, in my opinion. Some of the best values Microsoft offered on the XBOX 360 were XBLIG (Indie) titles priced at the $1 price point, and if this is the beginning of a similar scene on the eShop things are bright indeed. The presence of a real leader board is even an improvement over XBLIG titles! The more of these small independent titles - particularly at a low-risk price - the better. And this will be a day-one buy for me as I actually enjoy tower defense games, which is a niche that Nintendo sadly hasn't bothered to exploit yet on the Wii U.

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