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Weirdness: This is How Teslagrad Would Look on the Game Boy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Kind of awesome, actually

Teslagrad is one of quite a few upcoming Wii U eShop titles that Nintendo's been happy to show off in video sizzle reels. That's not surprising, as the Rain Games project has caught the eye with attractive visuals and clever magnet-based puzzle platforming mechanics.

Its attractive visuals certainly play a part in the experience, but Ole Ivar Rudi has posted a rather nifty image of how the game would look on the Game Boy.

It looks rather cool to us, as good art is good art. But still, the same boss from the game is below; perhaps the Wii U version will still be the way to go. Don't forget that if you want to know more about this one you can check out our Teslagrad first impressions and detailed interview with Rain Games.

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Gnoll said:

Dark Void teaches that if you make a new-gen version and an 8-bit version of the same game, the new-gen one will pale in comparison...



B3ND3R said:

If this actually happens, Nintendo should put it on the 3ds eShop



StarDust4Ever said:

IMO, it needs to be dark sprites on light background instead of the other way around. Otherwise it will be very hard to see on non-backlit screen. I know the Pacman Deluxe Color Edition (with bonus Pac Attack game) did the pallette swap thing and reverted to light background dark sprites when played on a monochrome GameBoy.



Pod said:

That tiny cartoon of Ole looks remarkably like you Thomas.

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