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Video: Check Out Wii Sports Club's Skill Shaper Modes

Posted by Damien McFerran

Brush up on your tennis and bowling

Wii Sports Club isn't just a series of HD remakes of the events seen in the Wii launch classic — it also offers "Skill Shaper" modes which are supposed to enhance and improve your talents by focusing on the basics.

Each sport has three Skill Shaper events, and you can view all six (three from Tennis, three from Bowling) below.

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rjejr said:

Has anybody had this auto DL yet? I gave up waiting and DL it yesterday. Sending out a notification saying you will get it in a couple of days means you should get it. I thought it would DL the night before to reward us for having auto set-up, then at noon Thursday, then over the weekend. Monday morning still nothing. Whats the point in that?

I'm not just complaining, I am asking in case I didn't have it set up correctly.

I really like the tennis practices, but I suck so bad at them, I lob every shot, it's really freakin' annoying. I'm much better at bowling but bowling solo is so dull.

I really can't see buying either of these at $10 a pop until my sisters or parents or the kids friends get a Wii U, for offline we can just play the original. And I'm much better at tennis in the original

Edit: What's w/ the "skill shaper", my game says simply "training"? It would be cool to be taught sports by this guy though:



rjejr said:

@Damo - I looked all over all the screens this morning after reading this post and couldn't find the words "skill" or "shaper" anywhere. Are you sure it isn't just in the EU/UK version? My free trial just ran out or I'ld go look again, but I did look extensively in both bowling and tennis.

Oh well not important at all, I'll check again at Thanksgiving though.

Any way to change your partner in solo tennis? All I could figure out was on or off, not how to pick anybody like in Mario Super Sluggers. I wanted to partner up w/ my wife or kids so as not to have 2 of me out there, and I don't play well w/ strangers.

If i took them 6 years to make a sequel to a game this simplistic and didnt' include either a singles option, game - se - match options or choose your partners and opponents Miis options I don't see how they can possibly consider this a finished product and charge $10 for it. Bad enough no dark day-glo ball bowling



rjejr said:

@Captain_Gonru - Well that's good to know, maybe when the other 3 sports come out I'll wait.

Did it install both sports or just the 40mb menu screen? I think it took almost as long to install the 1.4GB as it did to DL the 1.4GB. Well almost



Damo said:

@rjejr Given that Nintendo likes to change the titles of things between regions, it's quite possible that these modes have a different name in NA.

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