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Video: This Exclusive Skylanders Swap Force Footage Shows More Characters in Action

Posted by Andy Robertson

Family Gamer takes a look

Skylanders Swap Force is getting closer, and it seemed that Activision’s retail partners had pretty much let the cat out of the bag on most characters. However, at Gamescom in Cologne we discovered there were still a few surprises.

Very kindly, Activision gave us an exclusive first look at a new Skylanders Swap Force character; Grilla Drilla is the epitome of a Skylanders toy. Full of character, high impact without being overly mean or aggressive and a playful combination of elements that make you want to pick him up.

We'd seen the toy before behind glass, but have now had the chance to see Grilla Drilla in action for the first time in a new level of Skylanders Swap Force. Check it out in the video below.

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Grilla Drilla is one of the Swap Force figures, so can separate at the middle and be mixed and matched with other characters. His top half offers a drill melee attack from two powerful turbines on each arm and he can summon down a set of vines from which monkeys descend and make quick work of any enemies. His bottom half offers a drill head that not only causes damage to enemies but also helps him get around the arena much faster.

As well as Grilla Driller there was also gameplay for Rattle Shake, Boom Jet and Zoo Lou:

Rattle Shake:

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Boom Jet:

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Zoo Lou:

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With competition coming from Disney Infinity and its deep war chest of hugely familiar and well flesh out characters, it's good for Activision that it seems to be following a high quality route.

So, adding Grilla Drilla to our final list of Skylanders Swap Force characters gives us the (almost) completed set.

Blast Zone
Boom Jet
Doom Stone
Fire Kraken
Free Ranger
Freeze Blade
Grilla Drilla
Hoot Loop
Magna Charge
Night Shift
Rattle Shake
Rubble Rouser
Spy Ryse
Stink Bomb
Trap Shadow
Wash Buckler

These join the new core Skylanders:

Bumble Blast
Dune Bug
Grim Creeper
Pop Thorn
Punk Shock
Roller Brawl
Slobber Tooth
Star Strike
Wind Up
Zoo Lou

Then there are the Series 3 Skylanders:

Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Bang Bang Trigger Happy
Blizzard Chill
Fire Bone Hot Dog
Heavy Duty Sprocket
Horn Blast Whirlwind
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Knockout Terrafin
Lava Barf Eruptor
Mega Ram Spyro
Ninja Stealth Elf
Phantom Cynder
Super Gulp Pop Fizz
Turbo Jet-Vac
Twin Blade Chop

Finally, there are the following Light Core Skylanders:

Bumble Blast LightCore
Countdown LightCore
Flashwing LightCore
Grim Creeper LightCore
Smolderdash LightCore
Star Strike LightCore
Warnado LightCore
Wham Shell LightCore

Let us know what you think of this new footage and the lineup of characters, and be sure to keep an eye on Family Gamer TV for plenty of video coverage as the game's release approaches.

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User Comments (13)



ThomasBW84 said:

@iMii Yep, that was entirely my fault. The agreed publishing time was put back 24 hours and it briefly went live too early. That was down to me. It's staying this time though, promise!



Volmun said:

il probbly get some of the new non swap charicters but i want atlest one of etch eliment and skill of the swap force guys geting them all just isn't possible naw tbh. also the 3 other videos are "private" and im unable to watch them idk if its just me as im on my WiiU.



BooJoh said:

Yeah, the last 3 videos are still set to private and can't be viewed.



GamerZack87 said:

@andyrob_24_7: I can see why you like Grilla Drilla so much. He looks like a ton of fun to play!

I just realised the combination you get with Fire Kraken's top and Grilla Drilla's bottom. Fire Drilla! XD



GamerZack87 said:

@Shworange: From what I understand, all older Skylanders will be playable in Swap Force, including the Elder Elementals (aka Giants). Even the Locations from the previous Adventure Packs retain their magic item properties, although they don't unlock their corresponding chapters and arenas in the new game due to the new Alchemy game engine.



rjejr said:

@iMii - I thought I commented on here as well, but then realized that was on Push Square this morning. I remembered b/c he only has the first video link.

I wonder how many of those "toys" will be out this year? I'm still mad b/c they advertised 8 Giants but 3 - the whale, eyeball and genie - din't come out until about 6 months after the game. That's just wrong. I don't mind them milking kids w/ additional color variations later on - it's called DLC in the digital world - but the original advertised 8 should have been available w/ the game.



Shworange said:

Cool thanks.

Follow up question. The game comes with a new portal obviously. Can we use the new portal for Wii U with skylanders giants?



GamerZack87 said:

@rjejr: That's their method of ensuring that there are toy sales all throughout the year: release half the toys at launch as "wave 1", then split the rest into four more waves to be sold at different points over the course of twelve months. Skylanders isn't the only toy brand to use this tactic; toy and card game manufacturers have been doing it for decades to offer variety and push sales throughout the year.

@Shworange: Now that's one question I can't answer. I'm not sure if Vicarious (Acti)Vision(s) has given a clear answer on that yet.



rjejr said:

@GamerZack7 - Year long sales make sense, but don't advertise a game w/ 8 Giants in it but only sell 5. That may be how toys work but not videogames. There were "Trophies" (forget the exact word) in the game requiring these things. It's OK to offer "new" toys throughout the year - Gnarly Rex just released - but can you imagine how many parents were looking for those 8 Giants for their kids? Lots I can assure you. They can release whatever they want whenever they want, but they should only advertise new toys when they release. We have 3 Giants - T-Rex, Swarm and Bouncer. We would have bought many more, maybe all 8, had they been out earlier.
We're seeing how this one plays out before jumping in.



GamerZack87 said:

@rjejr: Fair enough. I guess we had it a little easier in Australia, but not by much. We had Crusher, Swarm, Tree Rex and Bouncer in wave 1, Thumpback as part of wave 2, Eye-Brawl and Hot Head in waves 3 and 4 (I'm not sure which is which since they were hard to find), and Ninjini in the most recent wave. It's funny, actually; Swarm is aptly named because he's everywhere!



rjejr said:

@GamerZack7 - "t's funny, actually; Swarm is aptly named because he's everywhere! "

True. We somehow missed Crusher. I think I was looking for the special granite version and then we moved on.

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