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StreetPassUK Launches Tag-Finding Website

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Groups, events, contests, and lots of little green lights

Is your Mii Plaza a desolate monument to despair and missing puzzle tiles, or are you simply looking for some new friends for multiplayer or those downloadable games? If you live in the UK, there’s a site you should be checking out.

StreetPassUK combines the forces of regional StreetPass groups to provide 3DS players a one-stop resource for connectable goings-on. The site’s “Lovely Map” plots nearby groups with contact information for each. Group events, such as the bustling StreetPass Manchester gathering we visited in June, as well as other 3DS-heavy events, are listed in the on-site calendar.

Between meetups, StreetPass UK also offers forums and a gallery for contributors to upload their location-tagged photos. Tournaments and written features on players and communities are also expected in the near future.

To celebrate the launch of StreetPassUK, a £10 eShop voucher will be given away every month until the end of 2013. Active, registered members of the StreetPassUK forum will be entered into each month’s drawing.

Are you going to join up with other gamers on StreetPassUK? Have you started something similar elsewhere? Let us know below!


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Peach64 said:

I've been to Swansea and Cardiff Street Pass events and they're great. I don't really get any street pass hits 'in the wild' but easily get 30+ at these meet ups. I think a lot of us signed up to the forum too.



chibichibi said:

@Reverandjames I thought you were exaggerating, after all cornwall is so close but the tip of cornwall is 3hrs from Taunton! That's further apart than London and Birmingham



DBMONK said:

Well, this is a god send for me, will be heading right over to sign up.... i live in a small town in the north east right on the coast and i am lucky to get 2 hits a week. so thank you so much for this info



cmk8 said:

Pleased to see a Birmingham one, shame doesn't seem to be much doing.

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