E3 2013: Live Reaction From The Nintendo Life Team

Join us at 5:00PM UK time (12:00 EST) as we chew over today's announcements

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The dust has barely settled on today's E3-themed Nintendo Direct, but here at Nintendo Life we're far from idle. Join us as Damien McFerran, Thomas Whitehead, Andy Green and Mike Mason digest the announcements, new footage and other news revealed in the broadcast.

Thanks for watching, we're going to go and digest all the news now before the developer interviews in just under 90 minutes. Bye bye!



antdickens said:

Question from me, what do you think about the state of independent games on Wii U? After lots of "support" of indies we didn't really see/hear of ANY games?

Yes, the door just opened all on its own!

Currently we're answering what IPs we would like to be seen made on Wii U in the near future


antdickens said:

As you can see, Damien loves his Virtual Console :)

Next Question is about Virtual Console... should we have some more updates?

@DRL we will be ordering pizzas straight after this show :)

Okay, first question is about whether we feel there should be a price drop?

Time for some questions!

Okay guys, we're coming back now...

We'll start taking some reader questions in a few minutes time...

We're having a chat about Donkey Kong Country Wii U

The other big news: Retro Studios?

Do you think Wii U will sell better now people know what is happening with PS4/Xone?

The guys are talking about third party support for Wii U


antdickens said:

Question: What was your best moment of the Nintendo Direct?

Okay guys, we're live now... want to ask us any questions?

*** you will obey our broken music ***


antdickens said:

we're just getting our bodies ready...

We'll be starting in just over 20 minutes... get comfy!