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Fractured Soul Locked In For 10th January Release In Europe

Posted by Damien McFerran

3DS eShop action title also getting free demo in North America tomorrow

Australian developer Endgame Studios has confirmed exclusively to Nintendo Life that its 3DS eShop action title Fractured Soul will launch in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 10th January, 2013.

Endgame also confirmed the release of a North American demo, which we reported on last month.

Here's what we were told:

It's coming out on January 10. We don't know the price yet - it's still in discussion with Nintendo Europe. And of course, the free demo is releasing tomorrow (Dec 6) in the USA - the first world of the game playable for free.

"Fans of intelligent action platformers will consider this money well spent" is what we said when we posted our Fractured Soul review back in September.

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RetroGBHippie92 said:

Come on Endgame, bring out on our shores? What's wrong with you, you're an aussie dev, but you haven't released it here, what gives?



DarkCoolEdge said:

Finally. Hopefully the demo will come along. Thanks to previous demos I didn't waste my money on Mutant Mudds and Denpa Men (they ain't bad but I didn't find them good enough).



Nintendawg said:

trial&error-trial&error-trial&error-trial&error-... . . hubble bubble toil & trouble.
After trying this demo out, I'm kind of disappointed in this game, unfortunately. It feels more like a reflex exercise program than a game. It is not difficult to master the switching between the two screens and it works well. I completed all the levels without too much effort. It's just that it feels... pointless. Also, the far-too-common handicap of not being able to shoot in an angle, not even upwards, is very annoying.
Too bad, because I wanted to support the developers. They seem to have concentrated too much on [gimmicky] gameplay mechanics and insane time limits for speed running achievements that it gets stripped down to a hectic chore.
A missed opportunity, really, this could have been great [in my humble opinion].



andorob said:

@Nintendawg I agree with you completely. The gimmick of switching screens loses it's luster in the demo levels alone. Also, not being able to shoot at an angle drove me nuts.

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