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New Rabbids Rumble Trailer Shows European Release Date

Posted by Orla Madden

Let's get ready to rumble

It has been just over 4 months since Rabbids Rumble was confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS, and Ubisoft has finally given us a release date for its wacky second outing on the handheld system. During a brand new trailer, it is confirmed that the 8th game in the series will be released across Europe next month on the 16th November.

Rabbids Rumble is the first game in the series to introduce a turn-based combat system, and is apparently packed full of mini-games that will fully utilize the 3DS hardware. The game will feature Augmented Reality, where players will be able to experience the Rabbids series like never before, with the crazy creatures flying about your kitchen or bursting through the walls. It's sure to be a wild journey!

Will Rabbids Rumble be on your shopping list next month? Let us know.

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Kyloctopus said:

Looks interesting, the Rabbids haven't failed yet (Besides their Kinect exclusive, but it would take a miracle to not fail on the Kinect)



Banker-Style said:

Say what you want about the Rabbids,they're games have always been fun.
I might go for this when the price goes down,but where's the gameplay?



WiiLovePeace said:

I must admit I am rather excited for this game, probs get it later down the track though but you never know.



TromaDogg said:

I actually like the Raving Rabbids games on Wii (especially Rabbids Go Home which was awesome) but Rabbids 3D on the 3DS wasn't extremely repetitive 2D platformer with very little variety in the levels...glad I only eventually paid £5 for it. I'll likely pick up Rabbids Rumble at some points due to owning all the other Rabbids games but how soon and how much I pay or it will very much depend on what the reviews say.

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