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History of Game & Watch Book Due on 9th March

Posted by James Newton

For real this time

We know we've reported several release dates for The History of Nintendo: Volume 2 — Game & Watch — the most recent being 15th December — but this time we're told it's definitely, definitely coming on 9th March.

The follow-up to the rather good History of Nintendo: Volume 1 — 1889 - 1980: From playing-cards to Game & Watch, this second volume deals with Nintendo's dinky Game & Watch series, with 200 pages and over 1,500 photographs detailing the development of the little LCD beauties.

The book is available to pre-order now from Pix'n Love Publishing for £24.99, with free worldwide delivery.


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alLabouTandroiD said:

While i admire the work of these people i don't know if my priorities will ever be on reading books again. So it's hard for me to shell out 30 € for this. Sorry Pix'n Love.



nick_gc said:

These books are a masterpiece of design. I received Vol 1. for my birthday last year with a personally written post-it found inside saying "thank you". The book itself has some writing quirks which I think are a result of translation but it makes it by no means hard to read. It was full of interesting facts that I'd never read before and loads of high quality photographs. The book didn't feel cheap either which made the fairly high cost of a book this size not complete non-issue. I will be buying Vol. 2 and I look forward to reading it.



HipsterDashie said:

Is there any news about an English release of the History of Sonic book? That's the one I'm after.



James said:

@Hipster-Dashie Believe me, I ask Pix'n Love UK about this regularly. At the moment there is no set date but hopefully now Nintendo vol. 2 is out we'll have Sonic here in no time



nick_gc said:

Not before the History of Mario and the Gunpei Yokoi books though thanks!



xAlias said:

I never received my copy of the first edition (for the contest). HELP



James said:

@labrat7 @ce2lmao I wish you guys had spoken up sooner — please use the Contact form in future to let us know about problems like this! Let me investigate with my man at the publisher and I will get back to you.



James said:

Guys, I've got Pix 'n Love investigating this now. Will update when I hear more.

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