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Mega Man 5 Rated for Virtual Console Down Under

Posted by James Newton

Shoot to thrill

While we're still in the middle of a Virtual Console drought, there's no shortage of Virtual Console games ratings, at least. The latest title to join the likes of Super Street Fighter II and Strider on the waiting list is fellow Capcom title Mega Man 5.

The NES outing for the Blue Bomber is already available in North America and Japan but has skipped out on PAL regions so far. Here's hoping this classification means that wait is over, though don't hold your breath just yet.


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Link79 said:

So many games being rated for release lately and yet none actually being released. What exactly is the major malfunction with the VC these past several months?
Good thing America already has this one. Now where's the rating for Mega man 6?



WaveBoy said:

One of the weakest in the franchise. And already has been rocking in NA for months now. Bland and unchallenging this little mega romp was.
I think i slightly prefer it over 4....It still has a somewhat nice vibe and up beat feel about it, but it just doesn't feel mega man enough and the soundtrack was so dissapointing, along with the useless crummy weapons.

I need to give MM6 a test drive and I'm not buying the cartridge. come on Capcom hurry the hell up already and realease it on the VC along with MM7!

Love the original, MM2 is godly(slow latter climbing and dissapointing Wily levels aside), and I've always kind of liked MM3, but i just don't care for either 4 or 5 and i have a feeling that's going to be the same ordeal with 6.



WaveBoy said:

Centuar man automatically makes it awesome!
But then you have those horribly designed and terrible Robot Masters aka 'Wind Man'(especially) Yamato Man and Blizzard man rearing their goofy mugs in full force. lol

I just hope there's more of a challenge compared to MM5 which just didn't have it at all....Which is odd, considering this 'is' Mega man we're talking about.



Link79 said:

@ Waveboy
Sadly Mega man 6 is pathetically easy.
Even more than MM 5. Especially the last boss.
The final castle has some tricky parts but mostly it's a joke.



joevox316 said:

I love that box art. He's just like "Talk to the hand boy! You're electric attacks can't touch the Blue Bomber!"



Olaf-symbiote said:

I've been waiting for MM5 for ages, and had almost abandoned all hope of seeing it in euro-land. This news makes me wanna yell "YES, YESSSS!" and dance around. Personally, I've enjoyed all the Megaman games on the VC, so I don't agree with the general opinion that post-Megaman 3 games are lackluster.



Noire said:

There's something wrong with me; I read the header as "Shoot to Trill".



retro_player_22 said:

Damn Wii's VC seems like it took forever to come out, we still haven't got Strider and Mega Man X2 yet and now we got Mega Man 5 to wait for. What's the hold up Nintendo?



SNK said:

we dont need anymore Megaman games its time to bring out different games like Strider,Moonwalker,Realbout Fatal fury and so on.



OmegaBlacky said:

I wish Nintendo would just release some more good games for the vc and this game ain't bad but it's not too good either.

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