Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Gets Zapped

Peripheral to be bundled in PAL regions.

Chalk it up to either Nintendo's tight relationship with Capcom or an abundance of product, but Capcom has announced that their upcoming zombie blaster Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles will be available in a Zapper bundle in Europe.

This marks the first time Nintendo has allowed the plastic popgun be bundled with a third-party release, or really any game that's not Link's Crossbow Training. In Japan, Capcom launched the ludicrously popular Monster Hunter 3 Tri with optional Classic Controller Pro and black Wii bundles.

US gamers, fret not. GameStop has just announced its pre-order bonus: a t-shirt. Hooray? Yes, hooray indeed, because apart from the typical game logo on the front and back, pulling it over your head will turn your face into a flesh-eating zombie. Well, not a real one. Halloween made easy:


So yeah, about that bundle. We've asked a Capcom Europe rep to confirm whether it will cost more than the game alone and if other regions will see this pack. We'll keep you updated.