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House Finds A Home On DS

Posted by James Newton

Hugh Laurie's genius doctor makes a house call to Nintendo's handheld

Legacy Interactive and Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group have joined forces to bring DS owners the chance to play everybody's favourite cantankerous physician (that's the only way House can be described: it's the law) with their upcoming game House, M.D., announced today.

The Legacy Interactive press release goes like this:

Legacy is transforming the successful medical mystery series House M.D., into a compelling game for both the PC and Nintendo DS™ where players make life and death decisions in the role of their favorite physicians from Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. In the game, players will take turns stepping into the shoes of the skillful staff of the Diagnostic Medicine department which includes Dr. Taub, Dr. Hadley (AKA Thirteen) and, of course, the maverick medical genius himself, Dr. Gregory House. Players are part of the diagnostic team that attempts to diagnose and treat a variety of patients with complex illnesses. The game consists of five unique cases that represent the rare and fascinating types of maladies that viewers have come to expect from the popular medical drama.

No screenshots or videos yet, but it's early days yet. Rumours the game will require a walking cane add-on are not yet confirmed.

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Terra said:

I prefer Scrubs any day. Still, I do watch House if it's on, so i may look into this later on when released. Then again, maybe not



BlueFlameBat said:

After Grey's Anatomy, the only thing that surprises me about this announcement is that I didn't see it coming a mile away.



Damo said:

Chicken Brutus: a Blackadder game would be great. You could have a beheading mini-game, a level where you throw rings onto Sir "Rather-a-wally" Raleigh's head and a episode where you have to steal the Prince Regent's socks.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Seriously! This thing writes itself. Four "worlds" that function as Blackadder generations...ending with some action-packed trench warfare...

I'd buy it. Throw in the original actors for voices (a la Ghostbusters) and... know what? I have to stop, or I'm going to want this game too much.

House sucks.



theblackdragon said:

hahahahaha wtf; this is the last thing I thought they would be making a video game for. my husband is going to flip.



AnneMarie said:

Wow really I wonder how it's gonna look? I like the show and all but a a game I'm not sure how to feel about that.....

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