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Nintendo DS: Over A Million Served In NA During April

Posted by Damien McFerran

The plucky handheld is truly unstoppable

The world's economy might be in the dumps but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from selling hardware like it's going out of fashion.

The company's massively successful DS range shifted 1.04 million units in the United States during the month of April.

The DSi clocked up 827,000 sales while the older DS Lite scored 215,000. The DS range has now sold 30 million units in the United States alone.


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Tails said:

Awesome i knew the DSi would do us Proud Now Nintendo Mighty Flip Champs & Moving Memo would be very nice now for us all to have and the Asphalt 4 Please



sirgrim said:

Not bad. I was waiting forever to get a baby blue DS, so I had to get this bad boy on release day. Miss the GBA slot, but everything else is just wonderful.



StarDust4Ever said:

So, have the total DS/Wii sales exceeded the old Gameboy/GBC/NES sales records yet?

I have purchased 4 DS consoles in my lifetime: A light grey DS fhatty on launch day, a red phatty/ Mario Kart bundle for my friend, a pink DS Lite for my fiance, and a matt black DSi for myself on launch day.



astarisborn94 said:

Now that's a lot! I knew it was going to sell like hotcakes. Glad I purchase a DSi myself, because Sony has offically been denided any chance of winning the sales part of the console war. Then again, the only console I would attack is the Xbox 360. I wonder how Sony next handheld will do? Not nearly as good as the DSi I can bet.



GamerZack87 said:

I can't wait for Nintendo to release coloured DSi units in the West! Then, and only then, will I pick up another DSi unit!

Oh, and just to add humour...Tenth!
This is getting old and worn out now...please STOP SAYING IF YOU'RE 1ST OR 100TH OR ANY MULTIPLE OF TEN PEOPLE!



Wolfcoyote said:

I'm rather surprised. I've heard all of the comments such as "it's overpriced" or "no GBA equals no purchase" or "I want to see another Game Boy", but lo and behold - April 5th arrives in North America and here come the naysayers. Though I'm not sure whether the $169.99 USD was worth it, I do find myself taking pictures, sitting the unit on my desk allowing it to play jazz music as I work (which frees up my old work PC's resources) and playing my favorite games in better light settings.

Here's hoping that Nintendo announces more substantial offerings at E3 as well as confirm or deny the rumors of a Virtaul Console-like service for handheld games. I enjoyed Birds & Beans, Real Soccer 2009, Dr. Mario Express and Art Style: Aquias but we already knew about these capabilities - plus there's nothing specific in the way of DSi-related cartridge releases yet. Surprise us, Nintendo.

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