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Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) Gets Japanese Release Date

Posted by Damien McFerran

Capcom finally comes clean with a launch window

Capcom has confirmed that its long-awaited Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) will be launched in Japan on the 1st of August. A limited edition bundle will be available for collectors to wet themselves over.

Capcom has confirmed that a Western release is happening, but given the late arrival of the Japanese version it's probably not going to come out here until at least 2010.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our early thoughts on the game.


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Golgo said:

Now that's sorted...Hurray! Japanese release announcement hopefully brings us a step closer to PAL release...



Esposch said:

Thanks! I must ask though, does anyone else not like the fact you have to pay subscription fees? Like, enough to not buy the game?



Objection said:

We don't know if that'll be in all countries or how much it'll be. What if it was only 100 points a month? Its something each gamer has to evaluate and see if its worth it to them.
Also, with a 8/1 release, it's still possible for a NA release before 1/1...though I'm guessing a March-ish release is the most likely.



Esposch said:

@ Objection
I think it's closer to 1000 per month. Otherwise they wouldn't bother with it, as they would lose more money than they'd gain. However, if you happen to be reading this Capcom, making a game subscription based is a REALLY bad way to introduce it to the western audience.



AlexSays said:

They won't make us westerners pay a subscription. The only reason Japan gets not-so-special treatment is because they'll buy the game no matter what.

Capcom doesn't need to sell Monster Hunter in Japan as much as they do in America.

Also I don't think it will take that long for us to see Monster Hunter 3.
Some of the hype from the Japanese release will carry over and they'll want to capitalize on that.

I'm expecting a 09 holiday release date.
I'm in the mood for a turkey sandwich, so I'll go Novemberish.

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