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Hey, You Got Your Rhythm Heaven In My iTunes!

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Quirky visualizer makes your trippy music even more so.

Music and visualizers go together like caramel and apples, chocolate and peanut butter, and apple sauce and chocolate chip cookies (don't knock it till you try it!). iTunes users have been blessed with a series of excellent ones built right in, and now you can add another one to your arsenal of things to space out to: Rhythm Heaven!

Over at the DS title's official Web site on the left, you can snag a PC or Mac version of the visualizer, which will throw colorful dolphins, guitar-playing ghosts and beet pullers all up in your musical business. No sign of the glee club members, which is unfortunate, but maybe they just haven't reared their happy little heads yet.

This just goes to show that everything sounds better with cartoony Easter Island heads bouncing around.


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Caliko said:

Heike did you even read the article?

I was hoping this was about Rhythm Heaven songs being downloadable on iTunes... I'm very disappointed.



Damo said:

How can you be disappointed with this? It's amazing!



warioswoods said:

They should release packs of clever visualizers like these on DSiWare for cheap. For that matter, we certainly need some more apps that use or extend the music playing capabilities of the device.



Wiiloveit said:

I prefer the iTunes one, tbh. Not the classic one, that's awful, but the new iTunes one.



Caliko said:

I use an ipod nano and haven't used an iTunes visualizer ever.
With that said, it's not that I'm disapointed with this visualizer itself I just read the title and thought Rythm Heaven songs were gonna be available on iTunes.



Pegasus said:

Meh. Actually found out about this a few days ago. I wasn't too impressed. Then again, visualizers in general don't do it for me.

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