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Get Technical With The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom

Posted by Damien McFerran

Know your mushrooms

A student at Carnegie Mellon University known only as 'Theyab' has produced a seriously cool faux-medical manual for his/her Communication Design Fundamentals class, and rather than keep this awesome document in the classroom, they've posted it online for us all to chuckle at.

The manual explains the various side-effects of different items featured in the Super Mario Bros. series, including The Super Leaf, The Fire Flower and of course the beloved Super Mushroom.

Check out Kotaku's gallery for the full document. Education can be fun, folks!


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Objection said:

"Education can be fun, folks!" Stop trying to trick me! Everyone knows that education is a trap! I wonder if this student received a good grade or not.
Professor: What the...? That isn't real! What do you take me for?!
Student: It's a joke...ha...ha...?



GamerZack87 said:

That was so COOL! do I make the images large enough to be able to read the text?



Damo said:

I assume you're looking at the Kotaku gallery - just click an image, than click the size numbers in the bottom right-hand corner. It should say 800 or 1280, or something along those lines.

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