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Dead Rising goes GaGaGa SP

Posted by Anthony Dickens

To help promote the latest Dead Rising game for Wii Capcom have teamed up Japanese punk band GaGaGa SP to create a specially themed music video.

Infecting gamers and completing Capcom’s list of releases for February is Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop, scheduled for release for the Nintendo Wii™ on the 27th of the month. Based on the Xbox 360™ title, which to date has sold over one million copies, the humour and challenge that made the original such a hit with gamers still remain, while many core elements have been totally redesigned for the Wii platform and audience, taking zombie bashing to a whole new level. With the added functionality of the Wii remote, players will be able to shake off zombie attacks and swing and throw dozens of makeshift weapons, from chainsaws to baseball bats in order to survive.

And just in-case that didn't get your attention you can check out the video right here:

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Hmm, interesting! We'll still reserve judgement on this game, in theory it could be a winner but will the porting process screw things up? We'll find out next month.

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Wiiloveit said:

The game doesn't look too bad, although I can see how it could end up going incredibly phail. Thankfully though, it's not as expensive as many other shooters, so at least there's a plus.
I myself am waiting for House of the Dead Overkill. It looks tasty.



Damo said:

From what sites like Kotaku have been saying, this is going to be a train wreck. The 360 version was only enjoyable because you were expected to deal with insane numbers of zombies at any one time, but the Wii version is obviously going to lack that element.

Plus, with those visuals it wouldn't look out of place on the Dreamcast!

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